Bacteria, gut organisms linked to schizophrenia, depression, autism and more

I recommend all to read this. If indeed there is a link, it would probably take a long, long time to find an effective cure, but that said, I think they’re onto something.

In animal studies the evidence is intriguing.

If mice are treated with an intestinal parasite called toxoplasma the rodents lose their fear of cats.

Toxoplasma needs to reproduce inside the guts of felines, and these tiny organisms somehow can alter the mice’s behaviour.

If you look to all my articles in this web under name “ataboo” or the current “AbAt”,you
can read the realistic minute details of the theoretical idea of this research
=schizophrenia has occur by action of psychological higher organism not by defective
gene or micro-organism
i.e the cause of sz is a psychological parasite in his/her nature NOT bio micro-organism

the author ask{parasite is a symptom or a cause of the problem } !!
practically he ask; is the hallucination is a symptom or a cause of the problem “the cause of sz”

i said before,the hallucination is not a symptom/symptoms of sz,but it is the existential manifest of the cause his/her self,and his existence inside the psychological component
of the host is the existence of the schizophrenia case itself

no one of you expected that,the inner symptoms,hallucination and cause of sz ,the existence case of the sz are one single thing in the nature all ,unable to diagnosis

you can use the term “existential manifest instead to use the inner symptoms of sz”
-the cause of sz is the symptoms that you call them “hallucination”,and the hallucination in his /her self is a pure higher parasitical psychological organism

i really dislike this theory for cause.

especially because it can make us suceptible to being delusional thinking we are full of parasites and all the hallucinations that come with that.

(IF} you know the minute details of sz events that has occurs in mental /psychological and emotional levels from practice experience,you have the full ability to realize the aspects of
corresponding between the theory and these events

i.e {if} you know the minutes details of the inner events that so-called hallucination which has been occurred in the psychological/mental and emotional levels,thus you can find the aspects of similarity with the context of any theoretical assumption

as you know,there is no any researcher from the current generation have any real idea about
what is the hallucination in herself !

in the actual world,the science have not the means to observe the features of the hallucination inside the psychological component,mental -emotional outputs

the ideas of the biological psychiatrists about the hallucination is merely an imaginary
stories have fabricated definitions to falsification the existential reality of the thing that so-called hallucination,because the materialist science has seeks to uses the term “hallucination” instead to uses the name “devil” ,because there is a fighting between the science and the religion in the scientific community ,and that lead to falsely the reality of the schizophrenia case !

In sum,
in the existence of false teastimony of the psychiatrists about the hallucination,and
without you know the existence reality of the hallucination , the nature of its impacts on the mental processes and the nature of responses

,you can not realize any
corresponding or non corresponding between the context of scientific theories and the
actual reality of the sz

what i say is not a personal view to like or dislike,it is the regulation of the nature,wherever
your personal view do not work{nothing will be changing}

to understand,in the pure nature,the hallucination is the cause of the case s0-called schizophrenia,that is a possible knowledge from the practice experience ONLY !
,the question;
what do you know about the existential reality of the thing that so-called hallucination?
= from review all your words,you do not know practically or theoretically
=in fact,you have not any word to says any detail about the hallucination or debate
=if you feel arrogance to give any interesting to find the reality of the things
that so-called hallucination,all your understanding,explanations and conclusions must be
wrongly,that is true whatever your theory / tests or studies

-you are belief in hidden cause of sz “genetic,chemical,psychological,environmental …etc”,
while any schizophrenic individual in the world has sees,hears and feel the existential manifest of the sz cause himself ,he feels /realize the presence of the cause inside himself,he feels and diagnosis the features of the things that so-called hallucination ,
in the same time you have not any idea about what is the nature of the hallucination that has been felt by any schizophrenic ,and the psychiatrist have not the suitable means
to diagnosis the features of the hallucination which felt by the schizophrenic inside himself

there is no way to the researchers of the current generation to find the cause of the schizophrenia,because the cause is the hallucination herself and not a defective gene or even bio micro-organism,and above all you can not hear the voices of hallucination or diagnosis !

you and anyone here, supporting /rejecting the theories of the doctors blindly

Yes, but it is possible to test for toxoplasmosis and treat it at an early stage. Also there’s general evidence now that gut bacteria affect everybody more than was known. So, a wider range of gut bacteria is correlated with good mental health and less depression but also makes you less likely to be obese. So, if you take a holistic approach to recovery, then it’s quite an easy target to hit. To establish a good range of bacteria it goes back to the usual advice, though. Eat lots and lots of vegetables, beans, pulses, live yogurt, onions, garlic, whole grains. Avoid white flour and white sugar. You know a lot of APs cause weight gain. I wonder if they affect gut bacteria

To distinguishing between what is real and unreal theoretically,
let us explain the real main idea which corresponding with the
reality of the schizophrenia

1-the human being is vulnerable to the disease
2-all vital functions are vulnerable to disease
3-there are biological functions and psychological
4-if there is a viral /bacterial diseases affecting the
biological functions
the question;
what is the case,if the psychological functions hit by
viral disease ?

To have correct answer;
,you must skip the traditional thinking
of the psychiatrists,which obstacle the attempt to explore the
reality of that case

do not assume the occurrence of direct hit to the brain areas
or any anatomical structure by traditional virus/bacteria,that
parasitize the physiological structure of the body

We LOOK to a special adaptive type from the viral /bacterial
entities that parasitize on the psychological component itself,
without occurrence of parasitism on the anatomical structure
of the whole body

the sense that,the parasite hits the psychological aspect only
without the biological side,causing disorder symptoms in the
psychological entity without causing the disease components
in the biological entity ,wherever the psychological reactions
in turn has impact on the biochemistry of the brain causing
a state of imbalance

you should know that,every effort will go in van,if the basic idea of the researcher
is based on a parasitism state on the anatomical structure though traditional virus/bacteria

remember that,the failure that hit the genetic studies,marched on the idea that an imbalance in the biological entity lead to an imbalance in the psychological entity

while the main nature of the case,contain a direct hit on the psychological entity
lead to an imbalance state in the biochemistry background of the brain"biological entity"
which concerned with addressing the higher knowledge information and emotion

it is very important to assume that ,the virus/ bacteria parasite must be adaptive
in his structure and functional activities,to be able to practicing his life to development
the schizophrenia as a disorder in the psychological side of the host

the question
do you know the manifestation of adaptation in the structure and activities of the claimed parasite ?
=you do not know,and i write many minute details associated with the existential manifest and activities of the higher parasitical psychological organism ,the things that you call “hallucination”,he is a new type of the pure psychological life,act and behave in the human psychological entity similar to the activity of the virus inside the biological cell of the host

@abat do you understand what you are preaching?

It’s nonsensical for the most part.


I don’t know how well this theory will pan out, but here’s what I can tell you… I have a gut condition that bothers me a lot less when I’m loaded with healthy probiotic bacteria. I used to buy probiotics until I learned you can get more and better probiotics by fermenting your own sauerkraut, which I now do. Always have a batch brewing because of how much cheaper it is.

I am more stable with less positive symptoms when I follow my probiotic regimen. It doesn’t completely wipe out symptoms, but it really really helps. Combine it with my Geodon and I am practically free of positive symptoms.

So do I buy into this theory? Absolutely, but only by accident since I was actually looking for something to help with my diverticular disease. The flare-ups from that are incredibly painful.


Yes, I forgot to mention that. One of the best things for your gut is brine pickles. That can be sauerkraut or a few olives or the kind of pickles you find in Korean or Turkish shops.

To assume that,there is a bio micro-organism make up parasitism on the psychological entity causing the schizophrenia
in practice,this means that;some bio microorganism has tune into higher organism,
a psychological creature ,have a mind and can produce the thoughts,understand the meaning and conception of the human

the parasite can impact on the cultural content,cognitive,religious …etc,have the ability to object the thoughts of mind during its running in the brain regions ,can make the changes
in the concepts of believes or beliefs,can make up inner bilateral discussion with the mind of the host to exchange the higher information,have the ability to impact on the host decisions which related the responses to the daily life events ,have the ability to creating
the manifestation of paranoia

if there is a rational person can belief that there is a bio microorganism turn into higher
psychological organism like the human being ,and his activities causing the schizophrenia events ?
if some one of you belief in that,this means that,the devil entity is a bio microorganism,regardless if the reader understand or not what we meant

my words is not directed to any reader,but it is directed to the author who is assume the idea of bio microorganism as a cause of schizophrenia,only he can understand what i say ,because he knows that the false beliefs is planned disorder not a random disorder and that request a higher organism equivalent the human being ,and that is impossible to happen by activity of traditional micro organism

Oh wisdom house
Even if we write;
you answer; this is a genetic disease, take your medication immediately
so that,it is very reasonable to understand not what we wrote

leaky gut means leaky brain, taking pro biotic and curing leaky gut can have a positive impact on a person…
that’s what I am doing now, I did a saliva test and my holistic doctor tells me that I have a leaky guy, she told me what to eat and and what food to avoid to improve it. but its very difficult I still eat little bread and dairy that I shouldn’t.

Actually I’ve never said that. In reality it is a combination of things.

Your writing process is just rather jumbled it doesn’t really make any sense

That cool.

I think better diet in general is a big factor. If you eat garbage it’s going to wreck your gut. If you eat healthy your gut will likely operate more efficiently

That’s my view of it, too. Need to get back on the treadmill and up my exercise again. That will get me feeling even better.


It does if you’re delusional, which rather makes the case for taking one’s meds already.



I realize I’m opening myself up to criticism here but here goes…

In case no one has noted the obvious… English is not AbAt’s first language. Yes he is hard to understand but honestly is part of this community too. I sometimes wonder where the compassion and empathy is…

Why does everyone assume that he is not on meds and delusional just because he is voicing his opinions?

Why my writing doesn’t really make any sense FOR YOU ?
-you are not a thinker,you do not offer any own idea about the
cause of sz or even the nature of its symptoms
=you have not knowledge background about the idea of
the author " bio microorganism" or the phenomena that related this idea

you do not know the schizophrenia nor the idea of the author
just, you ask inappropriate questions without you know the nature
of the problem “sz” and the content of hypothetical cause that has
been supposed by the author

if you want to prove that you are correct,write 10-20 lines to explain
what is the sz case in itself,what is the symptoms ,what is the cause ,
the causality raltion between the cause and the symptoms ???
let us show how can you make any sense in the routinely knowledge that you know,
let us see the reality of sz in your eyes !

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I usually become psychotic on a diet of junk food. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more likely to eat junk food when I’m psychotic or because the junk food is contributing to the psychosis. Correlation = / = causation.