Rating 1 to 10 how bad did you feel...rating it

i had the delusion i ended the human race so 10 the worst ever

I was delusional but I can’t say that I felt bad. I have only noticed myself feeling bad during treatment.

I feel like 10 doesn’t capture it. I felt like I wanted to tear all the skin off my body.

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At my very worst, I was easily at a 10. I can’t even describe in words how bad I was.

hmmmm… at the height of psychosis… more like a 5… went for the one… might pan out… could’ve done the other and shatter that mirror.

I have the delusion I’m going to hell so 10.

ah rest easy there aint no hell… the devil sucks his own dick every night… so it goes

I had the delusion that I was a descendant from the lineage of Jesus. At one stage it felt like I was vaporizing when I thought I was going to ascend to heaven. … I easily give it 10

10 i was so lost in my psychosis. Hope ill never be psychotic anymore. I still think a lot about it.

When I learned about my boyfriend being sent to South Korea for the military, I slipped into an episode around a 10. I assumed that all my friends had planned this and had secretly really killed my bf. As a result, I was frantically screaming, spitting, and running away from them. I thought they were coming for me next.

Eventually, I was found, brought out of the road, and calmed. Not a fun experience…

I thought people were trying to get me to kill myself, so I’d say 10. I was really flipping out. I took off to Texas trying to get away from it, but I thought the people there wanted me to commit suicide too.

I look back on my high school years and can hardly believe I lived through the suicidal ideation, self harm, and persecution by demons…no sleep, missed a lot of school…I was so deeply miserable that I have to give that time a 10. Then, my abusive marriage and subsequent divorce with a hateful custody battle, all while still being berated by demons. I’ll give those years a 9. Bulimia, self-hatred, suicidal ideation (being given visions of myself skinned and hanging on a meat hook repeatedly as something that I should do) I’d say was a 9 as well. Not having accomplished much, feeling not-human, being on the outside, still suffering depression, suicidal ideation and paranoid delusions, I’ll bring down to a 7-8 because I’m living ok with those things and feel much less often overwhelmed. Life is good. :grin:

Seraton (my companion angel who sometimes says mean horrible things and I don’t know why) went through a phase of telling me, and showing me how, to sort of butcher myself and hang myself on a meat hook. Every day for about a year or so…not anymore. I hope you never have those ideas/feelings anymore :heart:

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I had a similar delusion, that I was part of a secret plan to genetically recreate Jesus using genetical selection, and that I was about to rise to heaven.

I would say a 1. I didn’t feel bad I just felt I was joining a peaceful CIA organization. If anything I was excited about the job I was “going to” get. But at one point I did think it was the KGB and then is when I would say a 10

You, too. I’m glad you were able to change your relationship with Seraton.

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