Rather delusional tonight

Yeah :frowning: bloody know,

Tonight has been hard :frowning:

I think there are terrorists out there looking for me bc I am Christian and they hate Christians those Muslims :frowning:
I feel like a big target :frowning:

I’m sorry you’re going through this today. Are you doing anything to relax right now?
Do you live alone or do you have family near by?

I’m alone tonight ;(

i just contacted the help line and they were really good, i made a bowl of soup as a distraction and also comfort food and it was nice, i talked about my eyes with him and he said that i should try wearing my glasses more when i’m reading and watching tv, he also helped me take my mind off of my delusions which was good, (i dont normally get delusions much anymore) but it was a culmination of things like my eyes and things on the news etc and noizes outside.

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I’m glad you called someone and got some comfort food. Stress can been a sly trigger. It’s amazing how small things just add up quickly. I like to think I don’t get delusions anymore. But I do. If I’m having a rough night and I’m alone, I try to get over to my parents house and chill out there.

I hope you feel better in the morning. My eyes get really tired and dry and sticky feeling if I don’t wear my glasses when I read.

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I hope your delusions will subside slowly. I usually don’t become delusional so often with medication but i get false persecutory memories more often. And i think false memories are more damaging especial when i get all of those memories with delusion. A help line wouldn’t help for me because its difficult to convince me days of memories that are totally false.

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That is exactly how it happens to me. When the delusions hit with the false memories… It takes me far too long to stop acting like an idiot about what I think to be the truth. I have some very vivid memories of some days that never happened.

I am sorry you are delusional yesterday, daydreamer. Terrorists don’t look for individual Christians. so you are safe. Have a good rest and take care.


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