I am totally delusional right now or something

such horrible delusions that cannot even be repeated here for fear of grossing you out. they are persecutory delusions in nature.

but they seem to me to be so real – I only know otherwise from the social worker. maybe they are real maybe they really happened to me many years ago.

how do you figure this out or do I live like this forever?

sometimes these delusions fade away into the world of the u nreal and sometimes they’re back.

is this common? judy

you wont gross me out lol try and explain these delusion

cannot do it to you really. should I laugh too. thanks for suggesting it. it helps.


i heard somewhere if you are living in Africa and you dont have a sense of humor… well swim away and fast… i think this applied here

i don’t have any words of wisdom…so i am sending you a smiley face to brighten your day…

I do not know what your delusions are. But, I can assure you that with all I have been through… You cannot tell me anything that would gross me out. I am here because my delusions are so bad and so strong that I am finding it very difficult to function in this world.

well ive had some ■■■■■■ up delusions…seriously we’re all schizophrenic, just spit it out. You wont scare me, I am scary in real life, not the one who is scared. Like Jack Skellington here, I am the Pumpkin King and the star of Halloween town!

But seriously, I am slightly psychopathic (not scared easily, among other things) and schizo myself. Private message me if you feel uncomfortable posting on here, I dont care if youre a pedophile or necrophiliac, gay, asexual, ■■■■ goats, whatever, and my delusions before I got on meds were probably worse.

I feel like I could help you figure this out, and trust me, I wont be grossed out at all. I simply dont get scared or grossed out without something other than a gun right touching my face, between my eyes (I know krav maga and can disarm being held up) or a dead baby stuck in my face.


mortimermouse you really crack me up!! lol!

my delusions are of a teenager having tortured me when I was a baby, Nazi like torture.

the dr. tells me these are delusions they aren’t true. sometimes I think the dr. is lying and it really happened.


It does sound like a delusion to me. Hopefully it will get better for you soon.

just a delusion…at least you recognize it as a delusion, which is good

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It sounds like delusions. You were feeling very good the other day. Hugs to you and a wish for another good Sabbath coming tommorow night XX

:frowning: I’m sorry that you experiencing such scary delusions. They can be debilitating at times!

Sending good vibes your way!

Also, don’t be afraid to be honest here. We all have had thoughts or delusions that would be considered unsavory to a “normal” person. We get it!

Hi judy, sometimes I get on - off delusions of things that happened to me as a child. I am aware of these delusions, at least I am grateful for this. There was a long period in my life where I was totally unaware of my delusions. Hopefully you will feel better soon and these delusions will go away. At least you question them and have enough insight in to them

sabbath peace to us all. i am hopeful for a beautiful weekend.

hugs, judy

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