Rare Gene Mutation Could Result In Schizophrenia

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If the new psychological health condition that be add suddenly to the inner nature of the person and it called schizophrenia

The thing be called Hallucination forms the basic structure and functional cause who induces the bad side effects that be diagnosed and known by the symptoms of sz

The hallucination in the same time is the existential cause and/ functional cause of the condition be called sz,it is the body material of the condition and the mutational factor who produces all side bad effects ( symptoms of the negative,positive and cognitive modifications )

In the case,if there is a believe that the sz condition is a genetic disease in root origin

Just search about the gene (s) who is creates the existential features of the thing be called hallucination and ignore all symptoms
( the gene who creates the hallucination and makes it still for unknown time in the human’s nature )

The important thing to determine the creation cause of sz condition or the mutational functional cause of its symptoms ,it is the real definition to things called hallucinations, what is it as it as in itself without wrong data ?

In the case,if you depend on the current theoretical definitions which be said about the nature of hallucinations like; (the hallucination is a symptom of the schizophrenia symptoms or/ it is mental symptom,or/ the imaginations of the patient,his thoughts,his feelings towards the world of things,his inner talking with oneself,the patient thinks that the people listen his thoughts or reading them ,or it is mental perceptions without external stimuli ,it is the memory events of the person -visual and vocal - …etc)

All such a definitions are very simple and do not rise to the level of the hallucination event that they supposed to explain it !
The hart of the question;
How the person himself sees,hears,feels,touches,perceives,coexists with and deal with the hallucination most time of wakefulness ?

Is the person deal with the hallucination as a merely a symptom of disease or illness like the symptoms of any disease ? OR

In actual reality ,He deal with them as a whole living psychological entity (s),as a present person (s) by somehow regardless his identity or where he is
These conscious entities have the full ability to sense themselves AND perceive one’s sense of himself,and then peruse every self-idea that carries information that comes to the conscious mind of the human person

This makes it informed and have detailed knowledge of everything that the conscious mind of the person perceives specially in the current time (present) and there is no exception !
It is a living tool that can read information of the human conscious mind at any moment of wakefulness,no matter how fast the mind perceives the concept of its information,even if its speed is a fraction of a second !

Simply,this lets it knows what idea are you thinking,what do you see,hear,and what you feel now,and knows about anything you are talking about, what behavior you want to implement in the next moment …etc

It can transform the electrochemical signals that carry the cognitive concept implicitly into a phonemic message (transforming voiceless self-thoughts into vocal thoughts that is audible internally

In the useful summary ,it repeating the self-thoughts by a new phonemic mechanism -and this is the core of the mutational process

It can take a person’s self-idea as a starting point to producing a new delusional idea far from the reality to which one’s self-idea indicated and printed it in the personal memory Record !
IN any way,you must have a new look to the reality of the hallucination !


What a long winded way to say that you believe sz to be supernatural/paranormal or other worldly! Of which you are completely wrong about because no matter how hard you try to be scientific about it there is no empirical evidence for such delusions.

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I understand you are trying to prove your theory, but you comment on every single scientific thread with similar wording and I keep thinking you’re a bot.

Maybe this is my psychotic brain doing weird thinking but sometimes I have a hard time understanding if you are actually a user on sz.com or you’re actually a bot.

Here is the scientific evidence all people with hallucinations should read, especially voice hearers who think their hallucinations are supernatural. Don’t dismiss the science and abandon your beliefs in the supernatural straight away.

Link between hallucinations and dopamine not such a mystery, finds study (medicalxpress.com)

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The useful summary
If what we said is not the higher truth of the health condition be called schizophrenia as any human being feels and deal with

And if you try to tell us you have actual self experience with the sz in a different way about what we said and explained

Please,tell us what is the schizophrenia condition as you feel inside yourself or even your brain

Notice that;
1- I am reject all fundamental data of the scientific theories that be written or said about the essential nature of sz condition or the functional cause of its symptoms ,because they are not reach to the required cognitive level that make them extract the real facts of sz condition in an objective manner !
2- Yes,we are talking about single functional cause(H) who producing the symptoms of sz condition ,not ever talking about a group of causal factors
3-who is not knowing the single functional cause for the symptoms ,he will going to speaking about a group of casual factors (imaginary factors ) ,Without Empirical Evidence for such a Factors !
3- Where your personal view about anything related the schizophrenia or even its symptoms ?

If you really want to prove the correctness of your delusional opinion in what i writ

Why are you not writing by yourself on these topics (hallucination) if you know it mainly ,instead of inviting the readers to read reports written by the minds of others ?