Is Schizophrenia Genetic?

For example, having a parent with schizophrenia increases a person’s risk 10 times the population risk of 1%. Those with both parents having schizophrenia are at 40 times the risk of developing it than the general population.


10 and 40 times are a lot in statistics!

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I know identical twins who both got sz at around the same age when they were in university, civil engineering.

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The thing is, we don’t know if sz has a recessive, x-linked recessive/dominant, or a dominant route of inheritance. If it is a recessive disease, then if both parents are carriers of sz gene, then the child may end up with sz.

It’s just bad luck.


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Under any what circumstances ;
Symptoms should be treated by all possible therapeutic means known to science,even if the sz condition itself is not explicit disease of any kind !

It is a series of malicious symptoms that arise from the effect of the pathogen (hallucination) on thought,sentiment,movement and most of behavioral responses directions

The pathogen of sz symptoms causing mental perceptions of a stimuli while they are not existed in the external environment ,and there is no existential structure for the pathogen in the organic structure of the person can be indicated by the lab tools !

So,when symptoms improving by the effect of genetic treatment (proteins),it appears to many observers as if the sz condition itself is genetically rooted or /there is a genetic background that arises the risk of developing the sz !

But the current generation of researchers have done everything in their power to prove that sz is a hereditary disease,but they have failed to find final evidence for this hypothesis

The basic task of science is to know the functional cause itself (pathogen) and the mechanisms it uses to create every kind of change,disorder and imbalance in the data of mental process / associated chemical background AND how this and that affects the decision-making process that establishes the behavioral responses in all daily life events

Doubt about the veracity of any talk said about biological cause of sz condition itself IS the spirit of wisdom (until now )

I’ve often wondered if people got schizophrenia long ago in the hunter/gatherer era. I’m guessing it was less common, but don’t know.

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Probably with twin studies…seems obvious.

I never studied biology and i forgot or was terrible at statistics.

Im convinced its caused by a virus but dont know how or how to explain it. My intuition says norovirus and vaccine should help. Its non intuitive to most. Vaxart seems like it could skyrocket. I got this from dreams and past life memories. Im an alien abductee. They cured my schizophrenia and lung cancer in a past life. They used some sort of vacuum, which could be theoretically used to clean up polution and carbon footprint. Wheres my money lol jk?

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I was afflicted with SZA as a child.
Had it all my ■■■■■■■ pathetic life.

I don’t know any other reality.


I thought vaccines don’t help if you’re already infected, I think its only to prevent infection from happening in first place?

I plan on taking it. Cant speak for others. I read stuff. Theres a possibility i was lied too, but things are starting to make sense a bit…

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if its genetic i got my schizophrenia from my dad who thinks antifa is responsible for jan 6th haha and i got my bipolar from mom with her constant mood swings. diagnosed sza.