Early Onset, Treatment Resistant Schizophrenia Linked to Rare Gene Mutation


In the actual reality,the genetic chemistry is a way to treatment the bad side effects of sz activity (the characteristics of things that you call them the symptoms of schizophrenia)

You cannot find a substance of a genetic disease embodied inside the brain cells,and it is impossible to determine a real mutation in any gene producing the sz condition or any of its symptoms

During a single process of sz activity;
An integrated package of effects ( moved image,audible-vocal thought and malicious feeling)emerging directly suddenly in the conscious mind theater without prior preparation for the person’s self will(without preceded thinking process)

It takes the current chemical /mental process as a Start Point for creating a new mental process that encoded a new frontal chemical process that was not a part of the original genetic program

There is no a reverse chemical process that get rid of the metabolism of the new frontal mental + chemical process !!( there is no immune process to resistance the creation of a new mental or chemical process which produced by the functional cause of sz (hallucination )

The only successful resistance by the autoimmune system to maintain the continuation of the person’s life in the first place is to make the casual factor material (hallucination) a part of the psychological self,this makes the hallucination responds to the sleep mechanism just as the human psychological self responds to it,thus the immune system can finally get rid of the metabolism byproducts of all mental,emotional and behavioral responses that repeated all time of wakefulness (which the hallucination induces independently outside the genetic program or the self’s functions

in the actual reality,the immune system cannot do so without the help of medical intervention that help to relax,clam and enter a state of sleep against the powerful stimuli of the hallucination that arise the level of attention beyond the norm

So,there are 2 steps,the first is the introduction of a state of relaxation to enter into a state of sleep by action of medical intervention
The second step is performed by autoimmune ,whereas it get rid of metabolism byproducts of all mental processes that have been repeated in an extreme way during the wakefulness period

Well yes you can. From simple experiments with sz brains there’s an excess of dopamine. What your saying doesn’t make any scientific sense and I know you want to prove your theories but they aren’t based in reality which is why I think you’d get a lot of advice listening to others here.

I think there’s enough evidence that a genetic trigger is getting hit. Solve that and you’ll get the prize as I don’t think your method is bearing any fruit.

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I got paid to do a study

it included blood draws, and long, in depth questions/answer period.

I wish I found out how I helped the research on our illness.

If you understanding the English
THERE IS NO any excess of dopamine during the period of deep sleep !
No schizophrenia,no hallucination,no any symptoms ,and the brain chemistry in a balance state

Do you understand this words !