[Rant] I'm so sick of having to take meds!

If I miss even one dose, I get anxious, irritable, withdrawn, depressed, and have suicidal ideation.

I’m so sick of being dependent on meds to function like a normal human being!
It’s not fair!

I hate that I’m 31 and need pills to have stable emotions and not self-destruct!
Ffs I should have outgrown it by now!

Isn’t there some sort of therapy I can do to get rid of my mood issues? Is there hope I can one day be med free?
If I really have sz I don’t think there is, but if what the pdoc suspected is true regarding me having bpd, is there hope for a med free future for me?


Yeah, I felt that way too in the past, for a long time actually.

But I’ve come to a place of acceptance, Taking meds is just part of my daily routine now.


Be thankful there are treatments, as without them, I doubt many of us would be with it enough to even have a conversation with each other


I dont like meds much bcz they worsen my negative symptoms. But they treat my positive symptoms which are worse than my negative symptoms.


I don’t think I will ever be ok with having to take meds for the rest of my life, I hate it, but for now there’s nothing I can do so I just do, I’m always afraid if a natural disasters happens I will run out of meds and be fcked, but could be worse.

I’m taking them and it is a hazzle. But I do plan to try and get off if I manage a long period of being stable and free of syptoms in cooperation with my doc.

I wish I could stop my meds because I’m sane and symptom free now but I can’t because I live with my dad and he makes me take meds. I can’t get a job and move out because I don’t have enough references to get a job and I don’t know what job I’d be able to get that I could keep for the next 40 or 50 years without getting sick and tired of it and quitting or getting fired.

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I would try to not think too far ahead. Most jobs I had lasted less than 2 years. I did a lot of temping a month here, a couple of months there in different companies. Temping is a great way to get started. It may not pay well, but you get a chance to test a variety of jobs without commiting. Contracts often just run for a few weeks or months and then you have a free option to continue or stop. And also if you find a job you do like it is possible they will hire you if you have temped for a while.

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It’s best to think long term. The book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People says to begin with the end in mind. The goal is to retire and retire as soon as possible because so many jobs suck and it sucks having to deal with coworkers almost every day for many decades. If you have no goals you have nothing to work towards and you never get anywhere in life.

I can’t think like that. Besides regarding career, how many people do you think hold the same job their whole life? There are too many variables in life we don’t control. Thinking too far ahead is giving oneself the illusion that one controls life, but nobody does. Anything can happen to any of us. It’s better to be present in the moment and live day for day for me.

I disagree. Not planning for the future and retirement sets people up for failure. People end up having to work their whole lives and that really sucks. Of course there are all kinds of things we can’t control but there are also lots of things we can control and we can plan for the what ifs.

Yes. I agree with that, but no need to keep the same job as long as possible. At least in my country you earn a pension in any job you hold. So it doesen’t matter if you switch employer a few times along the way. And not everyone is built to be in a single job for a long period of time. Some people enjoy temping because of the variation, and they have more freedom to go on vacations or whatever because they are under short term contracts.

I think in the U.S. you have to stick with one job to get retirement benefits and that’s only for some jobs. I don’t really know much about that though. I was just thinking it might be easier to stick with the same job since you know it already.

My plan is to to just find whatever job I can when I get enough references and save my money for the next 30 or 40 years until I can retire.

If people want to temp and that works for them then that’s great. I thought about doing that in 2012 but never did it.

I guess the important thing to keep in mind is to make it through this life and there are many different ways to do that. People just need to find what works for them.

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I don’t like taking meds either but thats how I can stay sane and not lose my mind so I’m trying to take meds for as long as I can. I just may decrease my dose to something minimum in the future but going off meds is definitely a bad idea

Actually I just did the math and even if I was lucky enough to get a job it would be a minimum wage job so I’d have to work for the rest of my life.

I would like one pill instead of 7 or 8.

Maybe switch to injections so you don’t have to worry about taking meds?

There are worse things than sz. Not many, but some.

Your dad’s right. Don’t stop your meds!

I hear you. I would rather not take medication. I don’t really like my medications. I have to take them three times a day and even that’s not enough to keep my physical and mental symptoms at bay.

But some of the medication I take are really about survival. Without the amount of vitamins I am taking right now, I will be pretty much dead. I would stay in bed all day because of chronic fatigue and pain. I would be extremely stiff like a robot. The amount of stiffness, pain, spasticity etc I have without medication is absolutely excruciating. I have no choice but to take these meds because without them I would have no quality of life. I’m just happy I can get by with these meds…because without them I wasn’t “alive” at all. I just slept all day and my mom had to bring shakes for me to drink as a supplemental meal. My mom would drive me to the local clinic to get IVs for me. But even after that I was pretty much dead. It took me 2 years to get on the right amount of medicine but from what I hear, my doctors tell me that it’s probably going to get worse from here.