Rant about not having purpose

I wake up at 2pm every day, drink coffee, browse social media. Then the rest of the day is spent just wandering around my parent’s house feeling poorly. They watch news and I try to avoid it. My family tried to get me on a routine going to the mental health clubhouse but i never followed through. i just hate having no purpose and just wandering around. having no purpose makes me anxious, like i can feel it in my chest.

I’ve had four jobs in the last four and a half years but had to quit them all becuase of anxiety and now receive disability payments.

Last year i managed to be consistent with exercise but i fell off.

im really not feeling well. would appreciate your well wishes.


Sorry your feeling down. I’m not sure it’s healthy to dwell on your “purpose” in life. Most people have jobs and lives that they could easily find as “purposeless” if dwelt upon.

I hope you feel better soon.


I also struggle with aimless behavior throughout the day, but I try not to dwell on the “purposelessness” of it. Maybe you could try waking up sooner in the day? I like the mornings usually, because the air is crisp this time of year and it feels good to have a cup of coffee.

Sorry you are feeling bad, you’re a good dude. Hang in there.

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even though I’ve read The Double, there is no one on Earth like you.

you are unique, special, loved, and honest and genuine.

I sense it in your voice. I think we all got set back cuz of Rona.
Better days ahead, friend.

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Have you tried going RAWWRR at people? I find it helps.

Hope you feel better soon.




You’re not alone in that, I did that for a decade, no job, no life. It wasn’t until a med change that things started to really change in my life.


Why would you think I don’t have purpose simply because I’m not religious?


I was gonna say that too. wasn’t sure if I should. God bless.

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Aw thanks daze peace to you

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I don’t derive my purpose from an old book and some old dude in the sky that no one can see. That’s a pretty narrow, presumptuous conclusion you’ve come to - only the religious have purpose. Bull hockey.

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I mean spirit more than anything. Even the slaves had it.


I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I’m glad if people can find purpose in other ways. @Daze @Tulane @anon40540444 @Nomad @BowenArrow @shutterbug

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Folks, please stop de-railing this thread with posts about religion.


No need to apologize to me. I wasn’t offended.

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better to think it is, than it isn’t. Too many not seeing the benefits.

What do you mean you don’t have a purpose?

Everyone makes a difference in the world. You make a difference in mine. When i was sick and alone and scared, you helped me feel better. You welcomed me and made me feel like i belonged here. You were a friend, at a time when I had none. You continue to be supportive to anyone who needs it. You are amazing at getting people to laugh, and to feel like they fit in.


I don’t have to repeat what everyone has said, regarding you being a decent person. Sounds like you’re in a funk. You’ve got to shake it up a bit. Wander out in the street in a bikini, and offer to wash people’s windshields for free LOL

Always helps me :wink:

But seriously, we all have our days. Would going for a walk in the fresh air a couple of times a week help any? It helps me huge. And it seems to me you already have a purpose. It’s to help people


Just have a few laughs or chats on the forums. That’s purpose in itself. Online Community can have purpose.

Your probably worried about having career purpose. That’s normal. It’s what society wants.

I work at a job selling stuff. Just part of the money machine economy.

I look at life as an experience for good or bad but not really a purpose. I more struggle with thinking everything in life is pointless


when’s your cake day, and how many. Remember you for years.

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