Quitting vaping, anyone?

So I realized that hitting the vape was directly correlated to my left arm going numb. Hypochondriacal diagnostic procedures with webmd ensued.

Not good, best I can do is not vape.

So I’m on nicotine lozenges. I seem to feel alright and I think I can concentrate well enough on it. Feeling a bit a-motivational, probably due to less stimulant. That and my past and stuff had me feeling down for the past few days.

Anyone here quit vaping?

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i quite smoking in cold turkey SO i didn’t need to vape…! !!!


I’d suggest it was more to do with rexulti than vaping. Sorry.


I’m nicotine free. Actually, I did a little vaping before I quit smoking.

I certainly am saving money by getting off nicotine.


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I’m on day two of stopping smoking and I don’t want to vape either. It’s spiritual for me this time so I just pray a lot about not wanting to smoke. @Jayster you are an inspiration to me.

No it only has mini-stroke risk with people who are quite elderly

Makes zero sense that it would give a healthy 23 year old a stroke, heavy nicotine use is the culprit if one of the two must be chosen.

Oh, we’re having strokes from vaping now? :rolling_eyes:


Well I looked into it…it was the vape pen…spiking Nic levels in like one puff. Probably just the vasoconstriction. No one gets strokes from Nic in four years.

Lozenges weren’t strong enough so I bought some disposable ecigs for now to taper down with- the tank pen was like overdose level nicotine, ecig is like normal.

Dammit I have to stop again…relapsed on a 15 hour day of messing with my computer and was hooked from the super high level of nicotine I wasn’t even aware of- it’s like 10 times as much nicotine as a regular cigarette puff

What the ■■■■ like why would they even sell that?! That’s insane

I might be stuck on the ecig (fake cigarette). Oh well. More like ■■■■ dammit ■■■■ ■■■■ what have I done but oh well

I was down to lozenges and was reading normally, can do it again. Dude nicotine is like my number one problem…I need it in some form or else I can’t read. I was reading and could not concentrate on what the words meant. I’m known for quickly reading a lot and actually learning it like very quickly, actually one of my biggest strengths.

The stuff I read through once wasn’t kidding. Nicotine is as addictive as heroin.

This has been really crappy.

Watch out for vape tanks. I was deceived into thinking it was like a cigarette. It is like ten cigarettes.

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I went back to reg cigs after vaping when I went to er and doc there told me more and more people vaping are getting pneumonia and bronchitis from the liquid vape entering their lungs. So just reg nicotine for me now.
@mortimermouse do you not like real cigs? you can roll your own with filters way cheap and it won’t have all the additive bs.

@mortimermouse your left arm going numb sounds like it could be a direct side effect from the Rexulti not the Vaping.

I would bring it up to your pdoc.

I usually vape whilst lying on my bed whilst on the Internet. The way I sit puts pressure on my left arm - goes numb. Not sure if this helps.

Haven’t had anything go numb. Are you overdoing it? I’m really enjoying my vape, but I don’t have more than 30-40 puffs in a day. I was so busy at work the past 2 days I didn’t take a single hit.

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It was the fluid! The ■■■■ was max strength and I didn’t know it.

Now on lowest strength and this vape is set to where even if I constantly vape I get less than a pack of cigs would give per day. I used to smoke 1 1/2 packs a day so the equivalent of 1/2 -3/4 is better.

No weird symptoms anymore. Just ones that make sense.

But really the vape fluid was 3x what I was used to. That is insane. No wonder it made me insane.

By the way, it looks like I will be shadowing at a hospital for a while and then classes start, so I might be checking in like once a week rather than every morning.


I bought the mega juice. That shiz leaves you lying on your back with the room spinning around you. AWESOME. Best to use sparingly, tho.

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I recommend Lozenges and patches together… The lozenges and patches together will give you a strong dose of nicotine, which I felt was needed in the early days for me anyway…

I was using 20+ milligrams by patch and 5030 or so by lozenges at least… I started with the 4 mg and went down to the 1 mg
I think it one for and I had a lozenge in all day and all night they dissolve v slowly

It took me a year or two… With the help of a button Which was substitute

Once you have got off lozenges reduce the patches very very slowly… The patches The reason for them being so good is because you no longer have spikes in nicotine levels in blood.

Ten years and not a single craving bad enough to make me smoke so basically zero cravings

Lastly, don’t give up the patches and lozenges together if you have a vape
Don’t treat it as an all or nothing thinking otherwise you will count yourself as failing

Well I do use lozenges for when I am indoors outside home for long, like research labs in the past and family get together and doc office visits at times, long drives, in a hospital or nursing home etc

I like to keep the vape fluid weak so I can puff away with that oral fixation

I use a JUUL vaporizer. I smoke a little more than a pack a day. It felt better when I started but I’ve been doing it so long I am not sure of the benefit.

It’s about a $100 a month habit, could drop it and switch to motorcycle riding and use the $100 for insurance but my mom would kill me hehe.

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Vaping has improved my life dramatically. I was smoking and now I don’t have that morning cough or heaviness in my chest. Quitting totally wasn’t for me as the nicotine really seems to help my symptoms.

Saw this link on a FB group - http://dailycurenews.online/the-new-anti-vaping-rules-are-making-my-life-with-schizophrenia-harder/


No. I vape as replacement. I mix my own liquid now as it’s a lot cheaper and can lower the nicotine accordingly to my own rather than what they sell in the shop. Plus side I can have 100 percent VG liquid.

Vaping is a lot cheaper to begin with i realise that. But if I can make it more cheap and mix own flavours than to me it’s better than pre made stuff.

I think patches are a good addition to other methods as a way of relieving peaks and troughs of any other method