Burn, suicide, burn

so much for my obsession with cigarettes.

I quit again about 4 weeks ago. Lungs just can’t handle it anymore. I hope I stay off them for good this time. I had quit once for two years and then later for eight years.

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good for you, Malvok

I’m tapering up and down. Some weeks I’m at two a day. Some weeks I’m at 5 a day. I would love to quit cold turkey, but I like smoking too much.

I like nicotine but smoking was making me have bad asthma attacks and my doctor said i might get copd so i started vaping ecigs. Now i don’t get asthma attacks and my doctor is happy :smile:

There is a study about nicotine and people with sz. I will try and find it .

eta I found it. http://web.as.uky.edu/Biology/faculty/cooper/Bio401G/nicotineSchiz.pdf

I too switched from regular cigarettes to an e-cigarette. Been tobacco free for over a month now. My family doctor is quite pleased too.

I’ve tried ecigs but the drag was weak. I also had to puff on them a long time to get any sense of satisfaction from them. They did help me quit.

did you smoke much?
and was it difficult changing from full smoke to very light?

i applaud you.

I smoked a pack a day. My ecig is juice-based. Thus it produces as heavy a smoke as I want.

What alien99 is using is an advanced personal vaperizer, not a regular e-cig. I know because I gave it to him for his birthday, because he’s my bud, and I am cool like that lol. I too use an advanced personal vaperizer, and from my experiences, I would recommend it to anyone. Sure has helped me out. #ImProof

oh ok, what brand of ecig do you use?
and isnt it very expensive?

I use an Innokin iClear 30. Costs about $30, and juice for a month is $15.


i hope you can answer these questions for me:
-is this the one?

-it looks as if you must screw that onto something else?
so is this the standalone device for smoking, or do you need something else 2?

-cant find the fluid on that website

i hope you want 2 answer

Yes, that’s the tank. This is the battery it screw into:


This is one of the juices they sell:


I stopped smoking on 31 May 2007. I used Zyban for three months to help me quit.

ok thank you alien.

so: € 10,95 for the clearomizer + € 59,95 for the battery + 4 bottles of liquid worth a month is 15 euro
end total is 86,70 euro

do you always buy 4 bottles? and how many grams of nicotine do you order?
high 18 mg? or medium 12 mg?

really im baffled by the options, yet thanks 2 you i know a bit more

The amount of nicotine depends on how much you smoke. I’d say if you smoke more than a half a pack a day, get the 18mg juice. I buy 50mL at a time, and it lasts me a month. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

ok, its too bad, that website only sells upto 18mg of nicotine.
and im a really a heave smoker, just for convenience and embarrassment
say that i smoke more than a pack a day.

It’s odd they only sell up to 18mg. Here in the US, the max is 36mg. I vape on 36mg juice from mtbakervapor.com