Quitting smoking day three

I think my pdoc was right. Maybe now isn’t the time but I’m three days in and it feels like a waste if I start again. Of course family Dr is all overjoyed. Hmmm. I’m too tired to get a pack.

Keep going! In a couple of weeks there should be no turning back. You will be at the peak of craving right now. Just a little while longer until it subsides.


I’m using the patch and lozenges. Dr said I could use them together. It helps. And loads of coffee haha

Oh, I thought it was cold turkey.

I wondered that for as long as you are meeting the need for nicotine, the craving for a cigarette will always remain. Will you taper down on the patch strength to quit altogether?

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Yes I’ll go down to the lower patch in two weeks and replace lozenges with mints.

So, something to do with the fidgeting hands then. Perhaps, one of those fidget spinners?

Is it weird that I had the taste of cigarettes in my mouth for the first two days? Maybe just a brain thing? Sure seemed real and everything tastes funny.

You are starting to feel taste again, so quickly. It will be on your teeth. Soon you will be able to smell better too. Both yourself and other people… :rofl:

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I want a cigarette

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i hear ya…
tried quitting heaps…
even with nicotine sprays an stuff…
20 odd years of poisoning myself i think has gotten the best of my willpower…
just try to hang in one more day - one more day type thing…
lasted a month once - sad story - took it back up and had to re-addict myself before getting that ‘hit’
and of course good luck !
takes a lot of strength to do… :slight_smile:

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I’m determined to make it work this time. :blush::no_smoking:

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EXCELLENT !!! :slight_smile:

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