I'm really doing it ! day 3 and going strong stopping smoking again

I am patting myself on the back that I think I can really finally put the smokes away for good. I keep telling myself that cigarettes are as dangerous as crank or any other addiction. I used to smoke 2 packs a day and now I can always look back and say. I did it !!


That’s great. Keep the quit. remember, it takes three days to get it out of your body, the rest is all mental. Good luck!!


Way to go jukebox! I’m proud of you! You’re doing something that will improve the quality of your life for as long as you live. Keep thinking of all the money you’ll save. Keep thinking of the health benefits. Food will taste better and you will breath easier.


thanks you guys…desimb don’t be a stranger…post here more often o k? @crimby thank you brother. I feel better and it feels really good to hear such positive remarks by you guys.

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come on jukebox!!! you can do it!!! xxx


I’m glad to see that your getting back on that horse… the only way we truly fail is to give up.

Good luck with this.

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@jaynebeal thanks jayne. I appreciate it.

@SurprisedJ yeah, I think I’m on my way this time. I really do…day one was TOUGH. but now I just keep focusing on all the money I’m saving.


Not just the savings. Within a month your lungs will start to heal up. You’ll really notice a LOT more energy when you’re out for a walk because you’re getting more oxygen into your system. Within about three months your sense of taste will start to come back to you as the coating inside your mouth disappears. You’ll find food is a much more intense experience. By the sixth month you’ll have an entire world open up to your nose as your olfactory senses roar back to full strength. These are all wonderful experiences and you’ll find they mean more to you than the $$$ in the long run.



thanks pixel. I look forward to all of that.! I have heard about the taste experience but not of the olfactory. wow.

Just switch to a non-additive cigarette, no chemicals, and limit yourself to a small amount.

This would cause no difference in people’s lives.