Day 3 of stopping smoking

I have never been this far before since the previous last two times I tried to stop smoking…day 3 is really a day I think I need encouragement so I thought I would ask for support here…any success stories, or cheers you would like to say would help me greatly!



The longer you go, the easier it gets. Right about now you’re going to hit the point where the nicotine is out of your system and the physical addiction will be decreasing rapidly.

Keep up the good work.


3 days is a good chunk of time without nicotine - good work jukebox, keep fighting on, its going to get easier as time goes bye


I am really in awe of you. I have never been able to do the cold turkey. I’ve only been able to taper. I’m at three a day now and holding.

I know it’s hard, but if you managed day three, you are doing great. The physical addiction will start to fade and you won’t need them. Hang in there. I’ve heard that drinking water and doing something else with your hands is a great way to keep those fingers for reaching for the pack.

Paint and get your instrument into your hands often. I’m rooting for you.

Here’s an idea, every time you carve and don’t smoke, but that money in a jar and then you can see how much money you have to do other things… reward yourself for all that hard work.

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Thank you so much everyone…

@SurprisedJ, I am using 21 mg patches, and they really help…I have been trying to play my instruments more…the painting will come later when I get paid next week…

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I’m going to admit something here.

I quit about 5 weeks ago. I had become sick, my COPD started acting up and I had a hard time breathing. I switched to e-cigs but it didn’t help much. I ended up in the hospital for a night of tests and breathing treatments. The whole experience helped me quit.

Then, on Wednesday, I stopped by the group home place where I used to live to talk to some of the people there. I was met by like 5 guys smoking on the steps outside. I instantly had the urge to smoke. I left in a hurry before I bummed a cig off someone.

Well, I got paid that day and long story short I bought two packs and smoked them. So I’m off the wagon.

Be aware of the sudden cravings. They can hit you fast from out of nowhere. But if you stay strong you’ll beat this.


That is always the case right? Even for me… there are some songs that will make me crave. Songs come on that I don’t really like and I would remember… oh yeah, I would use this opportunity to go outside and have a smoke. Then I carve. Or a cousin I wasn’t too fond of…

She didn’t smoke, but I did, so I would step outside a lot when I had to visit so I could get away from her. When I see her I have an urge to smoke more. Family wedding is coming up so I’m trying to stay strong for that.

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Once I had quit for two years. Then, I was sitting in my aunt’s car at the McDonald’s drive-thu. The person in the car in front of us had a cig in their hand and it was hanging out the window. Instantly I had a craving and we went right to the store to get me a pack.

Weird how things can come over you so fast and without warning.


thank you Malvok, I do hope you find the courage to stop smoking again…especially if you have COPD…

I know it’s a slippery slope stopping smoking…easy to fall back into…the number one thing I have to remember is that “one pack, you go back”…before quitting this time I imagined myself in this smoke filled cage where there was a large padlock on the cage door…thing is we always have the key to that padlock in our pocket! So I told myself to make sure I don’t lock myself back in the cage…somehow, it’s working!

Congrats on quitting!! It’s really hard. In my midtwenties I quit for two years. I got this idea in my head that if I smoked it would taste horrible and I would feel like crap. It really helped when I got cravings. Maybe try developing a thought like that. Also keep a list of reasons why you quit to give you strength. I also used the patch and it really helped me fight the habit before coming off the nicotine. Good luck you can do it!

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Congratulations on day 3 michael!!
What ever you are doing is doing great!
Make us all proud for you to get another day under your belt.
Pick up that banjo and play those cigs a good-bye song.

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foggy nicotine mountain breakdown ! haha…I am picking up steam because it’s true the urges get less and less as time goes by…I am ever aware of my temper so I don’t break down and want one…not one will I smoke as far as I can tell…

@SunGirl- I agree, a friend told me the exact same thing and it helps to know they will taste bad…I know…I was two days quit last time and when I started back they DID taste like crap…(kept on smoking then ofcourse though)…but I don’t want to taste the crap again…I want to live and I don’t want to be broke anymore !

Ur doing brilliantly hunni! I wish I had ur will power. I quit for nine days and then had a drink of alcohol and went straight out and bought a pouch. If I had stayed quit it would b 2 years this summer. I will try again when I’m ready. I hate and love smoking. I hate the smell and the expense but am addicted like I don’t know what. I’m so proud of u for reaching day 3. Roll on the rest of ur life!

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Thank you jayne…you answered a question I’ve been pondering, whether to drink alcohol or not…now I’m definitely not going to drink alcohol …maybe some day but not for a couple of months…maybe longer !

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Good choice and great attitude, jukebox!
I know that if I want to encourage myself to want/do something, all I have to do is forbid it.
I used the mantra, “not right now, maybe later” when I felt I had to have/do something that I knew want good for me, that way my brain wouldn’t think I just said no to myself and do it just out of defiance.

This Tuesday I will have quit for a month. I had quit for two months a few months ago, then thought I could have the odd one then smoked for a month and now I’ve quit again for a month. I am taking nicorette mini lozenges. They work great. I cut the 2mg ones in half now and it costs $50 a month. It saves me at least $100 a month. I bought a bunch of stuff off eBay with the money and now I’m going to save some up. Spending it in advance the first month will keep you from buying smokes. I only use the e-cigarette once in a blue moon for a bad craving because they can be expensive too. Keep trying to quit. You will learn something every time you try.

keep going …good on you.
take care

When I quit seven years ago I kept one sigarette with me. I put it on the dashboard of the car when I was driving and sometimes behind my ear. Whenever I felt like smoking I put the cigarette in my mouth but never light it. This helped me a lot to break the habbit of reaching for the packet. I also told myself that I am the boss of that cigarette. Just hang in there. I’m confident that you’ll make it with all the support you get from people on this forum.

My brother quit smoking, but he sure chewed up a lot of pens and pencils and straws and so forth.


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It’s now day 4 for me…I think I can do this now…got a really bad craving at night last night but didn’t give in…I know “one cigarette” and it’s all over…

thank you all for all the support, it is overwhelming to me!!