Quita smoking with wellbutrin. Tell me your opinión ir experience

Hi, I want to stop smoking. the psychiatrist who diagnosed me for the first time with schizophrenia and with whom I had several sessions is opposed to using wellbutrin to stop smoking. I went to anonymous smoking talks and they prescribed me wellbutrin as well as a second psychiatrist who recommended me to take wellbutrin to get rid of the habit of smoking. I do not know what to do I fear spasms and convulsions. The dose that I have been recommended is 150mg per day I smoke a lot and I can not stop. This is no longer life, I can not enjoy life smoking all the time. my current medication is risperdal 3mg. Clonazepan 2 to 6 mg per day to the latter I use it to sleep. Do I need help?

Wellbutrin didn’t help me with quitting smoking at all.

wellbutrin made me suicidal. It is a very serious medicine that should be taken with great care. Be cautious. Good luck and keep trying until you succeed. You can do this.

I stopped smoking through sheer will power!!

I personally find any " meds " that people recommend to do absolutely nothing, just a gimmick.

Good Luck

It gave me suicidal ideation so I had to stop it.

Helped me quit back when all I had was bipolar. On it again and it’s not helping as much as it used to. I am down to less, but I still smoke half a pack a day. Might take some time.

Surprised to hear people get negative effects with Welbutrin, but then again I suppose it’s different for different people.

My husband used it to quit. It won’t kill all urges. You have to actively try to quit, too. It just gives you a little more willpower.

Tour husband have sz?

Not that I know of though he told me he sees and hears things. If he does he is more stable than me.

Didn’t help me quit :confused:

But you smoke less or equial?

I smoke less, however I’ve been really putting an effort in to quit smoking. Maybe the welbutrin helps a bit for cravings, I’m not sure though.

I’m going to get the patch to try and quit for good

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