Soooo I wanna quit smoking and scared of wellbutrin

I got diagnosed with psychotic depression, bipolar, anxiety, ocd & cptsd. I have read wellbutrin can cause psychosis so I scared. Ive have substance induced psychosis before last summer and had postpartum psychosis before in 2012 so im terrified it will happen again.

Long time without psychosis. I am negative towards wellbutrin. I tried it and it gave extreme amount of anxiety that i quit my new job on a first day. Restlessness is also a thing with this med. Also it gave my erectile dysfunction and i still smoked on it.


Wellbutrin made me quit nicotine as it blocks it in the brain but it made me angry and irritable. I stopped it last month.

I couldn’t get pleasure from nicotine while on Wellbutrin. I think it worked on me but it doesn’t work for everyone.

I love my Wellbutrin. But I still smoke.

I tried it to quit smoking way before I was diagnosed and it gave me suicidal ideation.

It may or may not work for you.

Wellbutrin works fine for me.

What helped me to quit smoking is to use nicotine lozenges and to just take one once an hour, rather than taking one only when I have a craving. Gradually you can get used to going longer without another lozenge until you stop completely. Mind you, I only smoked for about a year and a half.

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It made me slightly paranoid too.

Nicotine aid plus a hell of a Will plus copingmethods.