How long does Wellbutrin take to quit smoking?


I have been taking it for two and a half weeks and I’m still buying cigarettes, still smoking. How long did it take for you to quit on it?


I have been taking Wellbutrin and smoking for about 9 years.


Wow how many MGS are you taking? That doesn’t give me hope at all.


I take 300 mg XL but I never intended to take it to quit smoking. I take it as an antidepressant.


I only take 150mg but I just take it to quit smoking. I was really hoping it would help but I notice no difference yet. I’m not going to refill it and I plan on asking my Dr. to take me off of it in a few weeks because I have no insurance so I’m paying for it out of pocket.


Well good luck. I hope it works. I have been taking it a long time and have never found it to reduce my urge to smoke but I get benefits from it nonetheless


Yeah I already take Zoloft for my depression so I don’t need the additional Wellbutrin. It’s just an additional cost without the benefit of me quitting.


That’s funny. Zoloft did nothing for me but Wellbutrin helps. Maybe it will work for your smoking.


Are you trying to quit smoking or just waiting for Wellbutrin to fix it? AFAIK it only reduces the urge, it doesn’t fix the problem. Reducing the urge doesn’t necessarily mean you smoke less, either, as smoking is a habit.


My Dr. recommended Wellbutrin for quitting smoking.


I hope so but it hasn’t so far.


Yeah, I’m just saying you also need to attempt to quit. It doesn’t do it for you.


My husband used it to quit. He actively tried to put them down. He quit pretty fast because of trying.

I didn’t try to quit on it and never had a reduced urge just because I didn’t care to quit. I ended up quitting cold turkey.


Thank you I am trying but I’ll try harder.


I forget exactly how long it took me to cut down severely and then quit, but I think it was inside a month, definitely inside of two months. But it’s still down to you, you have to work with it as much as you can, I still had to put some serious effort into it. But as we all know some drugs work for some people and some drug don’t. You just have to try your best and hope it meets you halfway.


Thank you for your advice


Wellbutrin never did anything for my smoking or depression


It’s worked really well with my Zoloft but it’s done nothing for my cigarette cravings. I usually wake up in the morning craving a cigarette really bad and I smoke a cigarette as soon as I wake up.


Start vaping, I started 3 days ago havnt had a smoke since its cheaper and not as bad for you. its worth a shot.


I tried vaping too and I still smoked cigarettes.