Questions to ask Doctor?

I’m going to a two week mental health program within the next week or so, and I’m sure my diagnosis will change. I plan to be completely honest will all of the doctors, yet I do not know how to explain to them that I have more than simple depression and anxiety. Any tips for those diagnosed? This is all new to me.

If you talk to doctors, they’ll be listening to not only what you say but also the way you say it. You could ask if they detected the presence of a thought disorder in you when they spoke with you.


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tell them as honestly as possible what all symptoms you have. my new pdoc asked me first if I have hallucinations because it was in my therapist’s notes. she didn’t ask me to describe them too much I think because we didn’t have much time.


I’m having trouble with eye contact these days. I’m not sure if that is common?

I told my therapist and the psychiatrists I later saw that I believed I experienced psychotic symptoms. I then explained everything I experienced in my own terms. To my surprise they also believed me to be heavily traumatized…(I didn’t believe I could have PTSD at the time) Anyways hair be honest and tell them your experience.

Are you on anaphranil? (sp)

they might know and feel that the best they can do is treat the symptoms that are most prevalent now.

I sometimes get flustered in the presence of my doctor and forget to ask what I need to ask. I’ve gotten in the habit of typing out a list of all of my questions and issues beforehand and then handing the sheet to the doctor. Best way to make sure everything is covered for me. Might be something to try?

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Thanks for the good ideas. I feel much better about meeting with my doctor.

Good luck with your meeting with the doctor :slight_smile:


Thanks @Minnii. I just found out that it’s tomorrow

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Well, What Jayster said is true is all, the way you say it matters a lot as they are looking for things such as thought distrubance as I’ve gathered from their notes. I noted that my last doctor often ntoed that I had “a day or two’s beard growth” when I make a habit of disliking being clean shaven, I trim with an electric beard trimmer leaving some stubble and admittedly at times let it grow out. I’ve noticed rare but striking notation (I recently requested and recieved my records from my mental health center) of things such as “seems to be listening to voices” Or pauses when responding…but generally it’s “casually dressed with no signs of psychosis”. They pretty much observe you on multiple levels and oh how that can go wrong! Sorry but it’s true.

Unless you are seriously suffering from a mental illness and believe there’s help for this (there is) I would say don’t let yourself be diagnosed with serious mental illness as I did. Before this, I was being treated for anxiety and depression by a doctor who people had warned me not literally enough (he had bizarre sexual/social views which he pushed on his patients) I believe my being diagnosed, which I agreed to in exchange for a mediocre income was a legal move in a chess game in which I’m not willingly playing, I’m obviously no pawn on the board as I’m still on the board but I persoanlly believe people have died and risked death due to this sick “game” of dodging blame, covering up dark secrets and staying afloat at the expense of their own god damn offspring, alive I’m lead to believe.

Just be careful I caution, if you’re “psychosis” or “delusions” may give others an advantage or pose a threat to I caution, seek you’re contued treatment for anxiety…my main “complaint” these days.

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