How do I know?

I’m new to the forum, and I joined because I have so many question about myself. My main concern is about talking to my mental health care providers about the possibility of having schizophrenia. I’m currently on 75 mg of Effexor (for depression) and 2mg of respirodone (for sleep). However, I have so much that goes through my head, and I’m not sure what is taking them so long to find what’s wrong. I’m very open in my sessions of counseling, but I have yet to bring up the “s” word. Any help?

Hey and welcome!

It’s not easy to diagnose mental illness, and the diagnosis for schizophrenia is a hard one to assume for psychiatrists if the patient is not in an acute episode of psychosis.

You can bring it up and hear what they have to say.

It’s not a boogey man to know, it can actually be a relief to have a label.

You’re already on an antipsychotic so that is good if you experience psychosis.

Thanks for your advice. I sometimes think my depression comes from people (including myself) not understanding me. A diagnosis may help those thoughts in my head.

What are the symptoms you have for thinking you have schizophrenia?

Keep in mind I’m no doctor so I can’t diagnose you, but maybe help you put it into categories.

Welcome! And for 3 years it took about 7 different therapists and psychiatrists to figure out what was wrong with me. They said depression at some point then bipolar and ive finally landed on schizoaffective. So be patient with ur care providers. And above all be honest.

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Welcome @PeteQ to our little corner of the Internet Universe…

Hang around for a bit. So what exactly ‘goes through your head’ that you think requires attention?


Totally understandable. I think people or something in my head is writing things for me. I think I may be chosen to know when the world will end (I left college and my job and these thoughts have become my full time job) I think it has some relation to my favorite numbers of 8 and 18. I see them everywhere, and I’m constantly looking for signs. I swear I’ve heard a few random voices and someone at my door once. But I just want the thoughts to kill me before the planet does. I’m on this website in a private window so my parents do not know that I think something is wrong. I cant even consentrate half the time.

This a grandiose delusion

and these are delusions of reference.

Does your care team know about these things?

And I assure you you’ll be fine and so is the planet. I had similar delusions. My favorite number is 3 and 33. Go figure.

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They know about these things deeply, and they just said they’d change my medication.

How much Risperidone are you taking?

2 mg (two 1mg tablets)

And they said they’ll change the medication now or this was a while back?

Yeah, that risperidone is just for sleep.

I see them tomorrow, and it should be changed then. My counselor said she was happy that I started to talk, but I’m just so up and down. I guess i’m writing on the forum to see if other people are similar.

That’s good! Nothing to worry about than.

Yeah I thought I was God, and was doomed to spend my life without any powers, as my soulmate ran away from me. I can laugh about it now, but it was really intense stuff! I also thought I could predict when the world was ending, and I thought I was the one doing it with my thoughts about humanity and it’s flaws.
Turns out I’m just a regular human with a brain issue, too much dopamine they say. :relaxed: It’s alright, you’ll be fine, you seem very recovery oriented.

Once you figure out what’s wrong and the treatment starts, you can start thinking about getting yourself back together.


It’s okay Pete…

I read into license plates, billboards, TV, Radio, Computer, Advertising…I thought the whole world was after me.

Now, with the proper meds, the only thing I read into are the smiles on my little girls’ faces.

Be open with your Psychiatrist. Help is just around the corner! :sunny:

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When you thought those things, did you just feel like things would always be that way?

Yeah, definitely! Now it’s better but it’s not completely over yet, but it’s much better! I don’t think about it constantly, it just pops up in my mind.

Earlier today I was just playing a game on the web and a thought appeared “It would be funny as hell to find out that it was all true” but I dismissed the thought fast enough.

With good meds and a good therapy you can overcome those issues, I’m sure of it.

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I don’t even know what it could be yet, but it’s nice to know that people live with any diagnosis. thanks for chatting.

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No problem. I’m diagnosed schizoaffective, but been wondering if I’m not bipolar. I will bring it up with my doc next week :slight_smile:

Well, Pete, you’ve just heard from me and Minnii on this thread…

You’ve got the ‘May’ advice from young Minn, and the ‘December’ advice from older me.

Minn and I have a kinda May/December little romance going on this board. It’s understated but palpable. On some level, we both wanna go skydiving naked together.


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