Questions on zyprexa

  1. would modafinil (100-200mg), a wakefulness producing agent for narcolepsy and sleep apnea, cancel out the tired/drowsy side effects.
  2. what time of day should I dose if I am prone to fatigue?
  3. if you’ve been on zyprexa, what dosage and how did it make you feel after taking it? how did it change your life day to day?

thanks for any replies.

I was always mildly depressed the whole time I was on Zyprexa. I also craved sugar and slept a lot. I gained 60 lbs. in 120 days when I was on Zyprexa.

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You should take Zyprexa at 9pm every night. I used to take 20mg and it made me sleep 10 hours a night and nap during the day.

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for me it makes me wake up 20 times a night and ‘sleep eat’, usually in a confused state.
one time I ate container of brown sugar because I… idk… because olanzapine that’s why lol

When I was on a high dose of Zyprexa I took it at 8pm. Did that for about 15 years.It knocked me out for 10 hours on average.

Now that I am on a low dose, I take it with dinner and all my other pills.

Zyprexa virtually eliminates my anxiety. I’m on 2.5mg/day.

I was one of the first in my state hospital to receive Zyprexa. Nobody knew squat about it, including how it jacked with metabolism, blood glucose, and everything else it’s all famous for nowadays. I couldn’t be sated - no amount of food was enough. Oh yeah, it did nothing for my symptoms at 30 mg, taken at night (yes, 30mg).

I was on 40mg for many years. Then went down to 30, then 20… 15. 10… 5 and now 2.5mg

Oof. That’s a lot. I’ve heard of an extreme forensic case of a dude who was on 80 mg as they tried to desperately get him into chemical restraints, but it didn’t faze him. Some people just aren’t touched by some ridiculous dosages.

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Yeah, my psychiatrist told me about patients on 80mg. That is insane. The recommend max dose is 20mg according to the manufacturer. If I remember correctly…

At 40mg I was 240lbs, diabetes, sky high cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar. I wasn’t doing good. I took the initiative to lower my dose on my own cause I was worried I would die from the side effects. I’ve since lost all the weight I gained, my blood work is now normal. I became psychotic again but refused to take more zyprexa. pdoc put me on lurasidone and that has no side effects for me and works way better for my psychosis…

Around 2013 I was one of those people. I was seeing a pdoc who wound up ending his license. Anyway, he jacked me up to 80 mg of Haldol, 40 mg of Prolixin, and 2400 mg of Thorazine (all at different times). The only thing that came of it was I got seizures because my Thorazine was so damn high I had virtually no seizure threshold.

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one time in the hospital they tried to give me 25 mg of zyprexa at noon med time. I looked at them and said, ok I’ll take 5 now Nd let you know about the other 20 after I wake up. night.

Yeah, I listen to my doctors but I research things myself. I’ve been told opposing things by different doctors so I don’t fully trust their judgment blindly.

I don’t know why they put me on such a high dose to begin with, 40mg, they didn’t even try 10 or 20mg, it was straight to 40mg. When I lowered it I was fine at 20mg. It was only when I got down to about 10mg I become psychotic again. I trusted the docs and they ruined my health. I also have major insomnia issues because of the meds.

I do too. I’ll frequently end up reverse cycling because I’ve been up for 36 hours and finally crash. Rinse, repeat. Rx benzo sleeping pills only work for a few nights. I think that these meds have done real physical damage to my brain.

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I think that these meds have done real physical damage to my brain.


You know, I can only hope that a generation or two in our future will look back at our total guesswork of disease management with the same level of disdain as we view insulin shock therapy, lobotomies, or swinging cages. Let’s be honest, academia: you really have no idea what to do and are shooting blindfolded into the air hoping to hit a passing bird.


Zyprexa caused hallucinations in my sleep. It’s a powerful med.

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I got the same from invega and clozaril combination. really these heavy meds just make me worse. seems to be the conclusion on here too.

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you are not wrong my friend. I’ve spoke nearly the same words to my ex nurse and ex doctors. honestly it’s a disgrace

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I’ve been on 10 mgs Zyprexa since 1997. I take it at night before I go to bed. When I was working I had a hard time waking up so I tried taking it in the morning for a week. It made me want to fall a sleep standing up. So I take it at night. I’ve gotten use to it over the years. I use coffee to fight the sedation and to wake me up faster in the morning.

When I first got out of the hospital in 1997 they had me drugged with haldol. I couldn’t get out of bed I was so drugged. I found a doctor and he prescribed Zyprexa. I quit taking it and had a relapse. It took about 5 years to recover from that psychosis on Zyprexa. It was a slow recover but I decided if I was going to dedicate to meds the rest of my life it would have to be at a dose of something I could tolerate.

I tried other meds but always went back to Zyprexa. When trying other meds I could feel psychosis coming on.

On a side not Zyprexa is stored in your fat cells. When I had a relapse it took 30 days before I had a psychotic break. The doctor told me the drug was built up in my system. Thats why it took 30 day.

The longest I’ve gone without taking it since is 4 days when I was in the hospital for a bleeding issue.

Just so you know you can skip a dose here or there without much effect because it’s built up in your system.

Myself I have a difficult time sleeping without it.

I still have a lot of problems from schiz like psychological issues but the hallucinations and delusions have subsided over time. The only time I get hallucinations and delusions is when I’m stressed.

I still have paranoia and fear of going places alone. I get anxiety just walking out the door.

I took Olanzapine 15 mg at one point but it didn’t really work that well for me. It made me quite drowsy and I put on a lot of weight. Anyway, it is best taken in the evening at around 2000 to 2100.