Had a great day

I think 20mg zyprexa is a good dose for me. I woke up early and had some coffee because I had some things to do (which usually makes me anxious but not at all today). I’ve had 3 cups today and I feel great no anxiety at all so no Ativan. I had dinner with my father and it was pleasant. I really wish every day could be like this but there are good days and bad days. I hope everyone is having a good day and if not hang in there!


Good to hear you found something that works!

Zyprexa//Ativan was my thing for about 15 years, but the side effects from the Zyprexa were really bad so I had to quit it. I was on 40mg.

I am now on Lurasidone/Clonazepam

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That is great, that you had a good day.

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What didn’t you like about zyprexa? Weight gain? I struggled with that for a bit but got down to 150 and my eating habits just sort of leveled out if I’m having a really bad day I take 30mg. And if I may ask what dose clonazepam are you on I take 1mg Ativan.

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I was on 40mg of Zyprexa. It caused me to gain a lot of weight, at my heaviest I was 240lbs, I tried everything to lose weight but I couldn’t. As a result I developed diabetes. My cholesterol, triglyceride and blood sugar levels were out of control. If I would have stayed like that it probably would have meant an early death. My Doc told me my gut was hard on my heart.

I lowered my olanzapine to try and manage the side effects but when I did I became psychotic, I tried a couple other antipsychotics but ultimately I switched to Lurasidone.

I am now on 60mg Lurasidone and 1.5mg clonazepam. The clonazepam is for sleep, I take it all at once before bed.

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