The smashing effect of my zyprexa doesnt go away, its terrible

i take my zyprexa around 10 pm now. but for 4 hours after it, i am really smashed and depressed. it doesnt go away… pfff, everybody told me to take it right before sleep but i am worried cause i sleep in different hours. its really not good to take it at different hours… i am stuck, really… ill could not live with nobody if its gonna be like this. its not 30 minutes, the smashing effect in my case is 4 hours, even 5 i find… its hard.
maybe the future of meds for sz will be really the individual pills but it will cost a lot of money isnt it?
and you, how you manage the effects of your pills after the take? i know that some of you you even dont feel them but me, i feel them :cry:

Establishing a regular sleep/wake schedule would probably do you a lot of good.

Talk to your pdoc about it. There are alternatives. How does Zyprexa affect your appetite for sweets? It can give you diabetes. I’ve been doing well on Geodon and Seroquel for over a decade. I know that Geodon has gone generic, so the price should be coming down as more drug companies start to market it. Seroquel is too sedating for some people, but I can’t really tell I’m taking it. There is no reason you should have to be miserable with all the alternatives available.

rhubot, I know but its a kind of limitating thing to have a regular sleep schedule… I am not a robot…
@crimby, I hate Seroquel. it makes me crazier… ive tried Geodon in the past but for only 3 weeks and it didn’t calm my fears at the time. Is it similar to Zyprexa? its strange cause in the day with the Zyprexa I dont have any complaints… what if I have some other complaints on Geodon? what if it wont work on my fears? Zyprexa is good for this from what I know, maybe the best…
otherwise, I eat some sweets on Zyprexa but in general I limit myself.

I think there is a certain amount of trial and error in finding the right ap. Look for the one that controls your symptoms without turning you into a zombie. They have just come out with a new ap called Latuda. You might try that. Of course there is Clozaril, but I’m kind of biased against that. It had the strangest effect on me. It destroyed my balance so badly that when I just tried to stand up I was in serious danger of doing a nose dive into the carpet. I’m the only person I know of who has had this happen to him, though.

ive tried clozapine, it was terrible on me. it was too heavy. I had severe constipation, I developed severe panic attacks on it and it didn’t calm me down. I had some strange waves on it also, no, it wasn’t for me. ive tried a lot of aps crimby… and what do you think of taking my Zyprexa right before sleep? isn’t it limitating???
p.s. from what I remember I was a bit anxious on Geodon… I am not sure that it could help me as a second try…

and guys, do you think that there is possibility that my dosage is a bit too high? tbh, I think more that its the action of the Zyprexa but maybe ill try to lower the dose. I want a normal functioning and my mother keeps me saying that ill never have it cause I am ill. honestly, now I hate her for that…

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I think Zypexa was good for me as compared to seroquel…!!!

resperidone worked good for me, but i know many people have had problems on it. it does make me always want to eat, but i ate alot b4 i had sz so it is hard to tell

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Well, you’re not alone, it takes me about 4 hours to “wake up” and feel ok. When I wake up I feel like I’ve been out drinking and partying all night, totally hungover. I don’t drink.

If I was you, I’d at least try taking it at night around 10pm.

you mean you need to wake up after the take of your ap @everhopeful? you take it in the night? me I feel smashy and suicidal after taking it. I stop even talking, its depressing I guess. but its not my illness, I am sure of it. its all this chemistry. in the day I am fine but in the evening it sucks… ill try to lower the dose since today and take it right before sleep yeap. I already take it in 10 pm everhopeful but I dont go to bed straight away…

ill try to lower the dose since today

No. Don’t do that, you’re not a doctor. Talk to your doctor first.

ok, yes, you are right. I should remain reasonable.
its good in a way this Zyprexa cause in the day I am making my progress. but its hell after it take in the evening. maybe the only solution is to take it right before sleep. my mom advice me the same thing. maybe a lot of you here do the same. I am doubtful still that some other ap will help me so much as Zyprexa. even my pdoc sees my progress and didn’t want to switch it to another med the last time…
I just dont have this regular sleep schedule so ill take it in different hours. is this ok? its strange that for the most of you here you dont have this ‘‘low’’ mood effect on aps…I even dont have the motivation or the strength to move around in the house when it kicks in my head…