Question about delusions

Have your delusions ever been triggered by something you read or do they mostly happen organically? Like for instance, have you ever read about something you’ve never even thought about before & then found yourself getting preoccupied with it & actually believing it so wholeheartedly it becomes a delusion?


Yes i read book then became deluded

That was me with my health, I became a lot like a hypochondriac, which was abnormal before a year ago.

Also watching the shows I did kinda played into my delusions. I thought one of the characters was taking over my brain.

I had read about bible prophecies a lot and those played a big part of my delusions. Still can’t stand seeing or hearing the word S___n, screws my brain up for a good hour at least.

Yeah sometimes I think I wouldn’t get delusions at all if I’d just stop reading about scary stuff

Yeah sometimes I feel like I might be becoming a hypochondriac just because of the sheer amount of energy I devote to thinking about certain things. But most of the time I feel like I have a valid reason to jump to certain conclusions about my health

It’s a terrible thing to have, especially since in my case, I get so paranoid of the people around me making me sick.
And just feeling a bit of a tummy ache or pain used to send me into panic attacks, I’ve gotten better about it the past couple of months though, medication helped a LOT on that regard.

Yes I read 1984 by George Orwell and it precipitated my belief in a surveillance system. As well as this I was reading dystopian fiction, conspiracy theories and bible prophecy about the number 666 and it all contributed to my delusional schema.

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No. Mine are all from within me.

My bouts with health obsession usually dissipate fairly quickly. I might obsess about a little knee pain possibly meaning I’m going to need major surgery or a knee replacement but usually after a few minutes I calm down & realize it’s going to be fine. Now I can’t seem to rationalize myself out of it & I don’t know if it’s because it’s accurate or because I’m just more deluded

Yeah I’ve noticed now that everything I read or see on TV disturbs me emotionally so I try to just not read or watch anything so now my daily activities have been severely limited


I know what my delusions are and I have learned to NOT read anything related to them. Because then it just feeds on it and goes in a circle and I get worse

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Anything to do with aliens can trigger it for me, or even some stuff that has nothing to do with it (like the warning alerts on tv when theres something happening) trigger me to start thinking about it and its hard not to fall down the rabbit hole

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Yeah I’m figuring that out really quickly. I don’t have any set delusions so anything I read can trigger them for me so I just avoid everything instead of just avoiding certain subject material. I don’t know what subjects are “safe”

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At one time I would read picture books of cute kitties and puppies. Now you can get tons of that online.

Looking at trees birds and nature in a park can be very calming.

I think I might still be tumbling down the same rabbit hole 2months+ later… But I’m not sure.

Health anxiety/hypochondria can be brutal, and can frequently lead to developing symptoms that match what your anxiety has latched onto. I’ve had this happen before, and the physical and psychological distress is very real, which makes it extremely difficult to accept that the symptoms aren’t from the disease.

The mind is tricky that way, in that it tries to oblige you. It works the other way, too, with blind and deaf people who are utterly convinced that they still can see or hear, and have all sorts of very convincing rationalizations about why they bump into things or miss whatever you just said.


I can’t watch anything that has to do with animals, I don’t even like being around the family dog anymore they just make me uncomfortable, its really sad. Before all this started happening to me I spent time with her all the time & took her for walks & cuddled & slept with her & now I shun her constantly & I don’t know why. I’ll try the nature thing though, thanks

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What if say 95% of your symptoms existed before you even found out about them possibly being connected to a certain health condition & thats what started your obsession in the first place?

Then you see a doctor and let them make the call. I’ve had that, too, but symptoms are rarely tied to a single condition, and for many conditions, have to be of a certain severity before they can be considered diagnosable.

This is where your mind comes in, convincing you that there is no other explanation and that your symptoms are more severe than they are.

I really think that hanging around places that indulge and feed your obsessions and anxieties is one of the more harmful things you can do to yourself.