Question about D-Alanine

I am currently using NAC, and want to know if I can take D-Alanine with it. I know that D- Serine and Sarcosine can’t be used at the same time, because it can cause over-firing of neurons. NAC and D-Alanine both deal with glutamate. If you want to check where I’m getting my information, check out the supplements on this website’s main page.
Also on e-bay I searched for D-Alanine, and only Beta Alanine was available, and I am wondering if that is the same thing.
Hope to hear back from you guys soon.

I can’t answer your other question but Beta Alanine and D-Alanine are two different things. D-Alanine is sometimes called L-Alanine or vice versa. You can get L-Alanine at I got some there a couple months ago, it comes in powder form. I take half a teaspoon, seems to help.