Anyone try D-Serine?

It’s on the front page of this website. Just curious if anyone has tried it.

I think I might try this. Is there anything better or cheaper?

It’s similiar to Sarcosine, both NMDA agonists.

Interesting. Thanks @DNA. Have you tried it?

Yes I tried Sarcosine, not D-Serine. Sarcosine is fairly potent and can have anxiety like withdrawals if stopped cold turkey.

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I tried D-Serine briefly and it did seem to work but then I started on sarcosine which helped me alot, I still have some and I might try it again, I will let you know how it works out.

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I wouldn’t buy supplements from ebay.

That’s where I got my NAC from.

You are right about expirations and everything like that.

I thought you got it from iherb ? It’s risky buying from ebay.


I buy most of my supplements from iherb. I’m not sure why I used ebay.

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My bank has frozen my credit cards after I used Iherb because they thought it was fraud. Maybe that’s why I used ebay.

Lol. Call them up ! Tell them it was you !

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I did. They immediately unfroze my credit cards. It’s only happened one time.

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If I specifically said I used iherb to purchase NAC I apologize. I don’t remember saying that.

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Oh I remember now. I didn’t want to spend more than $20 for free shipping from iherb, so I used ebay.

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It seems like the research suggests that sarcosine is more effective (generally) than D-serine. See here:

This first short-term treatment study on NMDA receptor-enhancing agents suggests that sarcosine, superior to D-serine, can benefit not only patients with long-term stable disease but also acutely ill persons with schizophrenia.


Sarcosine treatment was better than d-serine in effect sizes for all outcome measures. Sarcosine also surpassed placebo in most of the measures of five PANSS factors and five SANS subscales. All treatments were well tolerated.