Any experience with D-serine/Sarcosine + NAC combined?

I have read someone has tried to take sarcosine NAC together . I also want to try ? anyone has experience ?

There’s a product called ProFrontal that combines sarcosine and NAC, I tried it and it works great. It’s expensive but it’s worth it, for some reason it seems to work better than buying the supplements separately.

Thanks for reply !
do you still take them and how you feel?
I take now D-Serine with NAC and i feel little anxiy. maybe i must reduce among of d-serine I take.
but it worked very fast. after 3 - 4 days.I experience reduced positive and negative symptoms .

Any one has experience with NAC + D-serine please reply !

I’m still taking ProFrontal and sometimes it seems to work and other times not, when it does it has a pretty mild effect. I also take D-Serine sometimes and it seems to work better than the ProFrontal, it worked fast for me to, within 30 minutes of taking it, I take around 4g and it helps with my positive and negative symptoms, the main thing it does is get rid of paranoia almost completely.

have u tried to take only d-serin+nac? I think d-serine work better with nac.
I read an articel about nac make d-serine mor potent on nmda receptors.

I haven’t tried D-Serine + NAC but I have tried Sarcosine + NAC and it seems to work better than sarcosine by itself.

I don’t use these suplements now. I think it is not evidence to be effective in The majority of people.