Quad Cities Big Table

I’m registered for this event on April 20th.

would like to discuss how to get jobs for the disabled.

I look forward to using my creativity in other discussions.

Voc Rehab should be eliminated immediately,

they are the most worthless gov agency going today.

The best thing ever done for those on SSDI,
is ability to work and make a little bit of money,

since really, no one can live on just a check,
or it might be possible, but not living well.


Me and my girlfriend receive SS/SSI and we live well, we just know how to shop and stretch our money to live within our means.

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well that’s good to know.

How does that work out, with two mental illnesses together?

She isn’t mentally ill. She’s over 62.


I’m best when I’m employed and feel more secure about money.

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