Putting up wih my schizophrenic neighbor

I’ve posted before about my neighbor. She’s obviously mentally ill. Now I try to be sympathetic towards her since I understand how that goes. Sill, I’m having trouble dealing with her.

Last night I had a strange dream. When I woke I said “Holy F!” out loud in my bed. Well, this woman must have been in the hallway outside my door because she heard me and in her deluded brain thought I was talking to her.

She proceeded to then pound on my apartment door and rant and rave for over ten minutes. She called me ■■■■■■■, threatened to call the police, raved about someone in an apartment on the next level that wanted to rape her and complained about her son. She was a mess.

I tried ignoring her but my patience at midnight is a little thin. I called the cops to shut her up. They came and questioned her. I didn’t hear anything more from her the rest of the night.

On one hand I feel bad since she’s sick but on the other I am developing a serious dislike of this mentally ill woman. I’m really starting to feel like everyone should be held accountable for their actions in public, mentally ill or not. If you’re too ill to conduct yourself properly, you shouldn’t be out of your house.

Not sure how to deal with these conflicting feelings.

No one, but no one knocks on my door in the middle of night, especially yelling at me. I have severe paranoia and anxiety, this would do me in. I think you did the right thing by calling the cops. I feel bad for her in many ways, but you have to do what is right for yourself, including maintaining your health.


She’s in the hallway again, yelling about embalming fluid, Satan, and masturbation. It’s midnight. I shouldn’t have to put up with this ■■■■. I want to tell her to shut the ■■■■ up but it won’t do much good. Not sure if I should call the cops again.

Im wondering if there is a relative or someone mentally stable that is close to her that you can talk to, I dont know if this will do you any good or help out the situation any. Maybe the cops or someone like the landlord if she lives in a rented apartment might have the solution. But this is not a healthy situation or environment to be living in.
If I was living next to a chaotic person, my symptoms would hit the roof. You have to maintain a healthy living environment for yourself.

Is there a crisis outreach number in your area for dealing with this type of situation?

I agree with Wave. Talk to the landlord. He may have contact numbers for her for situations like this.

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I don’t know about crisis. I’ve had bad experiences with the crisis team in this town and I’d like to avoid them as much as possible. I’m also not sure it’s a crisis situation. I don’t know that she’s any sort of threat.

She was at it again at 6am and now, when I went into the hall to check my mail, I could hear her yelling in her apartment.

I know a bunch of people in the local mental health scene. I sent a text to one of them that probably knows her (small town), maybe they can help.

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I just found out that the guy who lives in the apartment right next to me is her son. So it’s me, him then her and an empty apt on this floor. He’s either on vacation and unaware, doesn’t care, or can’t control her. In any case it’ll be hard contacting him without her noticing.

I’d say ask the landlord to do it. I’m sure he has a contact number on the rental agreement. I wouldn’t assume that the son doesn’t care. If he’s living in the same building and hasn’t written her off and this has blow up quickly, he might be out of town.

I’d see nothing wrong in telling the landlord… “hey, I’m not doing well with the neighbor pounding on my door all hours. Can you contact the son.”

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The saga continues…

I called the crisis line yesterday. They softballed it.

Tonight she was pretty quiet till around 7am this morning. Then she was yelling and crying and pounding on the walls of the hallway.

I called the police again. A cop came and talked to her. After a while he knocked on my door and told me that there wasn’t much they could do. She wasn’t a threat to herself or others and she didn’t want to go to the hospital. He said for me to just call them again when she acts up.

He didn’t know me and didn’t know I was mentally ill. He said, “there’s no law against being crazy.” Pretty lame. He also referred to the mentally ill as ‘them’ in a sentence.

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The supervisor of the crisis team just stopped by to see her. He was the same guy that gave me so much grief a few years back. He’s a real hard-ass. Maybe he’ll get her some help.

He talked with me for a few minutes when I let him into the building and then I went into my apartment. I don’t know what happened from then on but she’s been quiet.

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Oh my god, I am so pissed off at this woman’s son.

I heard them taking this woman away earlier. She was sobbing and yelling, it was very disturbing. All the anger I was feeling towards her melted away as I heard how distraught she was.

Then, a few minutes ago, the guy from crisis rang my buzzer again. I let him in and he said he’d forgotten his gloves and that he’d get her son to let him in to get them. I told him which apartment the son’s was and he knocked on the door. He told me they were getting her some help.

Now this means that her son has been home in the apartment between me and this woman the whole time. That he’s been aware of what has been going on. Unless he’s deaf.

What kind of son just lets his mother scream and cry and pound on the walls of the hallway over the course of three days?

What a ■■■■■■■■.

That poor woman. Her son was actually home all this time? Wow what a mess. The poor woman. I hope she does get the help she needs.

Did you tell her you were responding to a dream?
I live in a group home, so I am in close contact with mentally ill. I know that it’s just that they (we) can’t get our minds to work but that doesn’t make it any less obnoxious to put up with. Sometimes a med change or a trip to the hospital works. Sometimes putting them in a nursing home is all anybody can do.


The son could be overwhelmed, or have mental health problems himself and not be able to deal with his mother. That wouldn’t be surprising.

Sorry to hear you’re having all this problems - its got to be stressful, and challenging. Everyone needs a good sleep to function well.

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On one hand I feel for the guy. It’s not unlikely that he’s had to deal with her illness his entire life. But she was in bad shape. It was very disturbing to hear her wailing and sobbing. I really felt bad for her.


What was the dream? You said you woke up and said “holy ■■■■!” loudly.

Thats bad timing right there to wake from a dream and say that right when and where she could hear you.

And what was she saying about satan?

I was thinking about this and decided to call the local ward cause she could be all alone in this. I know she’s there but I didn’t ask cause they wouldn’t tell me anyway. I just asked that if she was there that they relay the message that her neighbors are thinking of her, hope she’s doing well, and hope she comes home soon. I didn’t leave my name, I just identified myself as one of her neighbors.

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I don’t even remember the dream.

She said a lot of stuff. Once when a guy walked into the hall she asked if he had any S’s on his body because they represent Satan. There was other stuff but it all sort of blended into rambling.

If police or mental health staff really want to put someone in psych hospital thats very delusional. They will say she’s a danger to her self. Like could set her apartment on fire while trying to cook. Hopefully the meds will work for her. I think mental health people should film a noncompliant person like her when off her meds then give her the video when she is leaving the hospital. At least for me its so easy to forget about how stressed my mind is when off my meds. I could never even put it into words.

what are the odds, of having two schizophrenic people living next door???.. i wonder…