Neighbor did something weird

I was coming back from the convenience store and she was out by the trucks.she put her hair up and walked to the stairs and stopped for a minute like she was going to say something to me then when I went in she went to her apt.

You guys I really don’t have time for this ■■■■■■■■. I am sick mentally.


She is either fuggin with u or she was nervous. I would just assume she was nervous and give yourself an edge over her mentally.

If it helps, remember this. Not everyone is schizophrenic but everyone is freaking nuts. People do things that don’t make sense all the time. It is just our luck or sz makes us examine their actions for meaning too much.


Don’t let this stuff get to you. If there’s nothing else to the story, then I see this as normal. Two people see each other, acknowledge each others presence but don’t know the other person, so they don’t talk. Then they go their own ways. It doesn’t matter what they were thinking, good, bad or neither.

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I called someone to talk with me waiting now

I am glad someone is going to talk with you. I wish you some relief.

All i can add is my own experience with people. I get very suspicious of folk on the street and can’t count the number of times I have conducted ‘counter surveillance’ against people. A universal truth I found is sometimes (often in fact) people on the street do weird things


Im mentally exhausted o don’t want to fact I probably don’t care.i just want to be left alone. I’m not will happen somewhere else.

Mcot told me to call the police and file a report when they start again. If they say something to me. I’m going and locking the door til then.

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