Psychosis involving God

How many have had psychosis that involved God or the Devil


That’s what my main delusion is that I can hear God talking to me or is it the devil I can’t tell

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my first one was god, the devil, demon, angel, deceased family members, then god would randomly take over my identity.

anyways the typical god/prophet psychosis

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I had the God delusion during one psychotic break.

Then I thought, why would Christ come back as a hack joke artist like myself?

Then I thought about it some more and figured the whole world is so screwed up right now…that it makes perfect sense for Christ to return to Earth in the form of a hack wannabe comedian.

Eventually I shook off the delusion with medication. I’ve been hospitalized about 5 times, but only once for the Christ belief.


I was in hospital with a woman who thought she was the queen of England. Poor woman


I met a fellow patient on a smoke break from the Psyche Ward. It went like this…

Guy: “So, what are you in here for?”

Me: “I read double/ triple meanings into everything. What are you in here for?”

Guy: “Well, I was talking to a guy at the bus stop and then his face melted.”

Me: “Err…(ahem)…I gotta go!”

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I had a delusion that I WAS God and Satan… the nurse at the Mental hospital asked me if I am aware who the current president was, and I said I was.

At one point I stopped taking my meds for about two years.
My psychosis eventually had me fearful that I was God and that I needed to save the world and that both aliens and the Government were trying to get me and that my soul was in danger.
Worst psychosis I ever experienced. After that I began taking my meds religiously and have been ever since.

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Many of my delusions are rooted in religion. I have more insight since leaving the church though

I have bad delusions about God coming down and throwing me into hell because I’m not good.

I thought Jesus was speaking to me, and Catholic nuns were trying to convert me and we’re following me. This was back when I was first ill with SzA, later just Sz.

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Oh Yeah. I thought i had a direct connection to God. I had tea lights burning all night long in a basment flat (nearly burnt the flat down) with miserere mei deus playing for a week straight on full blast.

And i wondered why the nieghbours wouldnt talk to me lol.

This was about 15 years ago tho - one of my many psychotic episodes that i had before i got diagnosed. Its only looking back with hindsight to the past - that i actually know now how bloody ill i was.


I thought I was Jesus and nearly killed myself twice to prove it.

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I currently and have for years, I believe I am god trapped in a human form.

I remind myself daily I’m not, but I struggle.

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my psychosis was centered around god and devil, because i thought the voices were demons and i died and was in hell

I remember I asked the psych nurse ‘‘am i dead’’? her reply was I am no angel…looking back that nurse was quite egeorant

I had delusion years ago that evil spirits were trying to infiltrate my mind

Nowadays I have a good and evil spirit in my head (Sarah and Alien)

Plus the devil is trying to get into my body through my private parts

i think because we were delusional and hearing voices, we thought its super natrul in aspects

That also happens to be the title of a famous book:

That’s exactly what i deal with — God, angels, warfare, voices and visions, it’s the ping pong ball effect between God and the devil, always bouncing back n forth between the two

I have to have God in my life and my bible, though I was fighting the devil when I had my break, I knew God was still with me and kept praying til it passed