Does anyone believed.. they are God?

I remember that during my psychosis, the biggest and the stupidiest delusion was that I truly believed I am a God (which created the universe, controls the universe and etc.) Earth didn’t seemed to be an important to me (well, because I was the God of the “whole universe”).
I made some stupid things during that phase when I was believing in it, actually, I was talking to myself aloud, running from my parents house and etc etc… Crazy period.
I remember that some moments I believed that we live in the “Matrix”, and that I created it. Hell, kind of strange to remember it now…
What was your most bizarre, strange, stupid delusion you had? :slight_smile:


it crossed my mind one time. my delusions kept changing rapidly so I never settled on that for long. It’s a strange one.

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I went through a little period I thought I was Jesus. I found this website and found out that it was actually a pretty common delusional thought.


mine was changing often too! But this one is I remember very well, because it repeated often. I was so scared, that if I would make a mistake (I thought that by my thoughts I control it also), I would destroy whole universe… I was scared :smiley: Gosh, its funny I know. :smiley: For me it wasn’t funny then.

When my psychosis was coming to an end, and it became More and More realistic- I remember believing that Jesus is talking to me and that he’s my friend. :slight_smile: And actually, strangest is I am more or less atheist…

I used to think i was a god man or a saint.
Because on all saints day the sky opened up and beam of light fell on me.

I used to think I was the messiah of Judaism. I’m basically over that now.

During the time I was being delusional. I believed my voices was from Alien AI computers and I inhaled nanotechnology and became their Ginny pig. I gone on to believe they are using me to learn how to read minds and memories of others so they could find out how to take over the world. It was so bad that I even believed I was being mined controlled by the voices, where I thought they are talking out of my mouth while they are trying to control my body. My sister has the same problem as I have with her voices and isn’t getting any help sadly as she hasn’t come too terms of her mental condition. We both have started all of this late in our years, me as I turned 40, she in her late 40’s early 50’s. Late onset of Schizophrenia doesn’t make it easier to handle the delusions. I still get bad even with meds but I found it easier to excepted I’m SZ and the voices aren’t real. While not believe what they say to me is real about them selves tend to do and I believed in with my delusions.


İ was think that i was angel but nowadays i only think that i m good man.lot of missed opportunity.wasted life… lame.but i don t think there is creation because if something come out from nothing also go out to nothing from existence but scientist sure that matter can not be truly extinct

I’ve never thought that, but I’ve come across a couple of guys who did. I have been far too impressed with myself at times.

I thought I was like Jesus because I thought I was being precauted, and I always said I’m the god of all the gods I don’t live with the rubbish, not because I believed it, it just made me feel better

I usually feel like a Buddha

I try to let my thoughts and voices pass as much as i can, but sometimes the stress is unbearable, i have medication and stay off alcohol.

I believed I was the greatest man alive, God himself. Or that I’d fallen and become the adversary.

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Glorious grandeur.
The best feeling in the world

I believed I was batman for a few months. On the night of super blood wolf moon, if you remember that, it was a year or so before covid, You can look it up, I had just written a psychotic letter that night during the moon to prove that I had become the dark night. I believed that for a couple months thinking people were wearing black to support the batman in Calgary. I was the prophet Jesus so batman was just something that a prophet gets to be. Everything was for the prophets movies music comics so I became batman. Thing were really starting to get bad

Now I’m just a boring brain damaged atheist. Lol. Ha

The delusion I like is where I was thinking they were going to rig the lotto so I could win

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I did at one point. I also thought that I was condemned to hell for all of eternity and being haunted by satan. Delusions can be a ■■■■■ lol.

Not God, but the herald of the second coming of Jesus.