Psychic Powers

Does anyone else ever fear that they have psychic powers and that they will unintentionally use them for evil, or anything along the lines of that?

I’m pretty sure I don’t, but I spent a lot of time researching it a while back and found a lot of stuff on yoga and hinduism and stuff like that, and recently within the past year and few months one aspect of my anxiety has morphed into the fear that my mind will hurt someone else.

I have intrusive thoughts, they have gone down in frequency since I started Thiothixene, but I still get scared that maybe I will negatively affect someone’s mind.

It is quite vain of me to think so, but it still scares me because I really don’t want to have this mental anguish on top of the other things.

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one of my delusions was that I could hear voices in my head talking about a bank transfer that was going on between me and my dads boss for hundreds of thousands of pounds, and I was the person to initiate it or not. I thought his boss was in the hospital with me although I could not see him, he was with his wife walking round the hospital inspecting all the rooms. He is a very powerful figure in real life though.

Did you ask your dad’s boss about it?

No I dont have contact with him, but I thought I could talk to him through my head…

Dude treat it like a playground.

You can say foul things to people, but do you ever?

You know what foul things can be said.

Extrapolate that to be applied to thinking. I know it’s tough because thoughts are rendered when the potential is recognized, but all the same… why think those things if you already know they can be thought.

Apply the social paradigm to thinking. There is no need to fear thinking once you control it and you can only control it once you accept foul thinking is inevitable. Surprisingly that might give you the comfort and distance to just think more practically with a bit more focus on what you’re actually interested in (beyond sz) and what’s more in the moment which lacks controversy.

Be patient and forgiving with yourself.

No wrongs can come from thinking.

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just use your psychic powers to make sure you don’t have any misfires

Thank you, that was very well worded. I will use this advice.

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Haha I’ve thought about that, unfortunately it doesn’t take the anxiety away for long.

Ah I got you, I used to think similarly.

don’t worry if they get really out of hand the universe has a natural order to remove them
and then gradually you get them back

Lol okay I hope so

I believe I am telepathic and a medium. I may also have telekinetic powers. All of that ability is being blocked by scientists controlling my brain. I don’t fear I would hurt anyone with my abilities but I do fear the scientists hurting me and I will have no self defense since they are blocking my abilities.

I don’t think you would hurt anyone even though you are afraid of it. I hope you feel better.

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