Psychicly harrassed

Don’t know how else to describe it but feels like I’m being psychicly harrassed by real people in and outside my body. I feel some people inside my body talking through me and hear people outside making comments to me. I feel I don’t have any privacy. Sometimes I go through anxiety attacks where i can’t swallow or breathe. Right now i took some anti anxiety meds. Some of the people in and outside my body hate me and call me many derogatory names. Some people are more benign and wish me well. Have been taking my meds. But wish to be more spiritually strong or find a way to be left alone. I am a private person but they act like they can read and see my mind. Just want peace.

Has anyone ever felt this way? thinking real people harrassing them by reading their minds and some of them living inside their bodies.
Before i thought some of the staff at the mental hosptial were doing this to me, trying to get into my body and watch me by practicing some form of black magic.
When the “nice” people talk to me I’m more calm and i feel i’m not being judged so harshly. But when the “mean people” take my thoughts and call me names I feel I can’t stand them because their world view is so harsh and extreme. I would like to tell them that they are not perfect either.


Ive been through this. Its not real its your imagination. You gotta quit believing its possible on fundamental level. It might not stop but it should become infrequent and under your control. It really is paranoia at the heart of it. If you believe its possible the mind is capable of filling in the blanks. You are just an innocent person who doesn’t deserve this. Try to relax and suspend your belief it happening. Don’t worry no one is reading your mind. Try to ground yourself in reality.


One form of black magic is hallucinations.

They can delve into a person’s mind in different ways, happened to me at a bar actually, some guy came up and sat with us and i asked to hear his poems because he mentioned them.

As he recited i began to hallucinate, the room blackened slowly and the guy’s face began to change, finally the room was extremely dark and this guy was sitting there grinning and missing hair and teeth, when he stopped the hallucination instantly subsided.

He then barked at me that “im a black witch!”

No wonder you are thinking about black magic right?!

They even put that stupid ■■■■ in harry potter, some schizo on nocturne alley seemingly talking to a wall, and instance of people being spoken to and communicated with in their minds, better learn some aquamancy or some ■■■■.

Ill be out there hoping that that cigarette im smoking is my last and ill start getting mental visions of cloaked assholes running out of everywhere and stabbing me to death actually, and they keep making me look at the clock at the same times again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again…

They shocked the living ■■■■ out of me once as well, and also burned me, both times someone appeared visually while it was happening.

Im gonna need a large dose of morphine and a scalpel, or just a large amount of barbitol would be just fine.

Should have heard me during my second “psychosis”, i sounded just like that ■■■■■■ guy on nocturne alley babbling at the wall, except i knew what he was doing. I layed in my bed ■■■■■■ over and freaking out and they were in my head tormenting me, i was just trying to argue and fight them off a little bit, what came out was kind of tortured gibberish born out of desperation.

I will light this entire place ablaze when i get the chance(although im sure ill never get that chance).

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i have the same delusions, sometimes i prove them to be wrong.
one voice said “yeah i’m watching you over here i’m doing…” and i looked over and the person wasn’t even there, then they said “oh i’m at the bar” and out of curiosity i walked over, and the person wasn’t there either. these happen at work, but i find it easier when i can prove them wrong.

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I have experienced this on numerous occasions. I would like to say that perhaps negative thoughts can have an effect on us when they are directed at us, and maybe you are sensitive to that. I would also like to say that it is unlikely anyone is cursing you with black magic (from my own experience). I like to think that there are few people in the world who are really ‘evil’. It’s all a matter of perspective.

There are a few things I like to do to protect myself when this happens to me. I meditate, and envision myself being protected by healing light. I also like to keep my thoughts pure, and have faith that there is something greater than myself out there in this universe that would protect people with good hearts.

However, like @SoitGoes mentioned, it is entirely possible that we are just imagining things. That’s a good thought too, and I like to believe that as well.

I hope things improve for you! Keep on keeping on. :smile:

■■■■ telepathy.

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I have people I feel like psychically harass me today especially. I never try to abuse people this way. It is a nightmare people thinking they can read your thoughts. It is hard to live this way. A person on this forum said once he believed no one could read his thoughts he gave up trying to please those voices and wondered why he spent all that time worrying. I wish to become like this. My life is sometimes not that bad and sometimes I am so anxiety ridden. It doesn’t help people making obscene remarks.

Not people, but interdimensional beings. Everytime I listen to a podcast, video, etc on my phone, a low toned, angry demonic voice comes through the phone speaking in Latin…I dont know what it wants…fml

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