Thinking bad thoughts

Don’t know how to block out my intrusive thoughts and have people on the inside out trying to hurt me. Having trouble breathing and swallowing suffering from panic/anxiety attack. This has become a common problem for me. Today in the afternoon thought/saw an intrusive thoughts that made me panic and when i went to the grocery store had my inner voice/thoughts being broadcasted. Felt i was judged like they thought i was a racist/ and that i harmed children. Hate these bad thoughts even though its best to say intrusive. No one wants to have these thoughts. And my doctor says intrusive thoughts are not uncommon. But i do get harrassed because of them. Am more afraid people can see the pictures in my mind though.

Some people are less understanding and kind than others. They probably would call me a psycho because they don’t know anything about sz. They don’t realize that their behaviour can be counted as much worse than any of sz. symptoms.

It sucks I’m sorry see121. Try a little isolation and to calm your mind. Try to reach and mindless state. It’s difficult at first but gets easier after a couple days. Gotta reduce stress and get a grip on things. The judgement just fuels the fire and makes you paranoid that it’ll happen again. They’ll use it against you creating a psychological pattern that has chance of convincing you your something your not. Find peace and quiet and put it all out of your mind. Maybe there is an activity that can help you to focus. Make it a routine to meditate and eliminate your fears. If you make yourself less interesting they’ll leave you alone. Wish I could be more help. If your worried about it your obviously not a racist.

Good luck, it takes time but eventually you become like them, probably less of an ■■■■■■■.

Thanks BA. Will try to isolate and calm my mind. And find an activity to lessen the stress.

Hope it helps. I wont even go into the ■■■■ I hear from these people who are apparently reading my mind. They of course tell me its not real, but it just never stops.

I get that to I guess its sorta common with some sz afflicted.

I was on another site and some people have the same delusions I have.

Some are so similar to mine I thought they were following me on the net mocking the I looked into posts and some were from like 5 yrs ago.

It totally freaked me out on that day my messed up brain was thinking my ma was maybe in collusion with those people trying to drive me nuts and this one dude posted the same thing years ago.

It seems to have alot to do with environment and possibly upbringing.

Those of us that are similar in those regards seem to have similar delusions.

Thats what sealed it for me after yrs of not accepting my mental state I started reading lotsof posts in mmental forums and the whole thought broadcasting and mind reading is pretty common among those with sz.