Proven your self worth when you have schizophrenia

I wish you well my friend, and you get far in life and love find your door, there are those wateing for you to fall but with you heart you know you can’t give up or in to them, you will push forth the things you four fathers want for you, a home with all it emitys car if so, kids if you will is strong. jobs you can do happly and health strong then most men. over years of helping others I learned to help my self and if they laugh then it is only them I pitty. for never trying! you need freedom to artfuly fill your dreams and your soul. but travel when you can it well help you be thankfull later. know you mixs of meds and you will do fine tell we…all get a cure.


This is a very beautiful blessing you’ve bestowed. Something else that I personally hear in it is the motivation of hope from a cure, but do not put life on hold until then.

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DrZen i think you’re awsome, you’re brave and kind , wish i was like you!!

hey dr zen happy to hear beautiful,motivating,positive from ur side…
we tooo hope the best for ur quick recovery,good health,happiness…
take care… :coffee: