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The key to surviving with severe schizophrenia


I have a few tips for people with severe schizophrenia,
severe and even very severe:

  1. take a therapeutic dose of antipsychotic medications.

  2. You will have a lot of big, big crises.
    The key is to just get over them.
    If you have a crisis the key is to ride it out and it will get better.
    Even if you suffer from repeated crises you should keep going this way.

  3. Have very low expectations from life, let go of your ambitions.
    Don’t expect to work or volunteer or have friends or marry.
    The key should be just surviving.
    It is easier to survive that way.

  4. Try to be calm as much as possible.

  5. Let go of your ego.


Are you going back on your meds? I hope so.


Out of curiosity @Chess24.
Do you consider me as having severe schizophrenia?

Surely you can’t be the only one. :slight_smile:


@everhopeful I am getting on a full(therapeutic) dose of the medication olanzapine.
@Wave the severity of your schizophrenia is for you to decide.
If you say it’s severe, it’s severe.


Yay! That’s the best news I’ve heard all day ! That’s great !


No actually it’s moderate - Glad your getting back on meds Erez.


It’s important to have hope and goals.


I agree that we need to lower our expectations. That took me years.


I was considered to have pretty bad parronoid schizophrenia, but I actively volunteer and study part time.

Sometimes you have to push your limits, otherwise you’ll never know what you can achieve!


You can’t stop trying. If I had listened to the doctors I would be home all day staring at the windows. You have to try to get better.

You can’t be cured but you have to believe in recovery.


I forget that I am trying!


Dude, from my experience most ppl on here don’t have cognitive problems like u. I dont even know how to judge u, cuz i’m not sure how debilitated u are. U said u r most ill on here yesterday, yet u say u r happy. I will never say i am happy, ever, despite being a positive person. Maybe if i didnt have to do ■■■■ whilst having avolition, but just taking care of myself with sz is enough to keep me not happy. I’m not gonna compare apples and oranges cuz i dont have cognitive problems


haha good one :slight_smile:


This is the most depressing list I’ve ever seen. :frowning:


Good advice.

Although it may turnout that way it won’t necessarily turn out that way.People need to have hope .


You have multifactorial Wave syndrome . It’s so severe it makes severe seem mild :wink:


I was told years ago that part of coping with your illness was accepting the level you’re at.
That seemed to me to be shorthand,along with the fact I wasn’t getting much support, for we don’t intend to do much for you .


best advice in this forum…


Certainly in the beginning of your journey of mental illness. Over the years though ,unless you get the help and support to facilitate a good measure of recovery, you can become world weary as to the possibility of recovery.


If you let go of your ego it could lead to success!! I fantasize of a day I’m being interviewed and asked “so what do you attain as the reason for your success”. And I say “letting go of my ego has allowed me to achieve truly…”