I can't cope with this any longer

I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. At first I was really sceptic about it and I didn’t believe. I was on medication (and still I am) and all the time I wanted to stop taking it but now I’m realizing, I have schizophrenia and because of this, I don’t want to live anymore. I can’t cope with this any longer… How can you?

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let’s not try anything… self-harmful… now

I was about to commit suicide essentially because the voices told me to, then got on meds and wanted to commit suicide because I realized I had schizophrenia. Honestly I’ve had lingering thoughts of suicide for about four years now. I had to go to a mental hospital because I wanted to commit suicide. I thought my life was over and I would have to spend the rest of my life hiding in my parents closet away from the world. Since then I’ve been taking my meds every single day and going to community college. I kept taking the meds and studying as hard as my depression would let me and I just got an early acceptance letter to another four year university. There are people that live relatively normal lives despite having schizophrenia. It helps if you have a supportive family and stay away from drugs and stay on your meds. If your meds don’t work at getting rid of the hallucinations then I’m sorry and don’t know what will help you. I also see a psychologist twice a month which really helps. I know the statistics for people with schizophrenia are daunting but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be your life too


Don’t hurt yourself @mongolina.
Don’t be discouraged.
Take your MEDS religiously and see a therapist.
Find a Hobby, engage with family or friends.
Volunteer etc…
Don’t give up, having a Schizophrenia diagnosis is not a death sentence.
Hang in there!


@Wave speaks the truth here

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You will never be the same, wait and see how this problem makes you a better person, how are you now, :two_hearts::revolving_hearts:


That’s how I used to feel. Then I started working towards recovery and achieved it in a significant manner. I’ve had SZ for around 25 years. I work full-time. I’m married to a great lady. I have a wonderful daughter in her teens. I’m respected in my community and regarded as reliable.

Recovery IS possible!

  1. Take meds as directed.
  2. Take advantage of whatever therapy you can.
  3. Work with your doctor(s), be honest and open.
  4. Keep a positive attitude that is focused on recovery.
  5. Keep a recovery journal. Set achievable goals. Track your success.
  6. Do the best you can to eat healthy and exercise.

The above really helped me.



Yes if you consider bring a better person a monk or a saint. The world has enough holy men I say give us our minds back and let us indulge in the fruits of life like everyone else.

Thanks for all of you! I’ll do my best!

It’s just the medicine, I’ve tried many of them. Some of them works very well but side effects (being sedated all the time) makes me feel this way.

Before being on medication voices were telling me to overdose and everything.

Life can’t be the way it was before the diagnose…

I’m not even schozophrenic and I can’t go on anymore. The depression is overwhelming I feel like I’m breathing through a straw. The medication makes the situation unbareable. I’m waiting day by day for new medication. That and the fear of destroying my family are the only things that keep me going.

By better person I didn’t mean that, I meant a happy person who makes others happy too and allows the world to be a mysterious and beautiful place instead of a measured all known existence💕


@mongolina , you just beat me to posting something like that. I’m having a very bad day too. So you’re not alone.

It wears you down sometimes.

But, the more you fight it, the more of a fighting spirit or habit you get. And also you’ll have the good days to push you along too.

Don’t give up buddy, keep fighting.

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everhopeful, you were going to post a thread about taking your own life? :0

oh okay. be good, my friend

No, just that I felt beaten by the disease.

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I felt like that when I realized what they said was true, I do have schizophrenia.
I couldn’t cope. They tell you are ill they pump you full of drugs and throw you out the door.
I had no one to talk to about it.
I’m still embarrassed about it now.
I guess over time I just accepted it.
Maybe some counselling would help.

If you can get a phsychiatrist to screen you out for Depression, it might give some more reasons of the way you think and feel.

Schizophrenics can recover to a degree. The early part of the disease is often the worst part but as you go along you have a good chance of improving. I know how unbearable it is; I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1980 when I was 19. That means I have lived with it for over 35 years.

When I was 20 I was in a locked psychiatric hospital for 8 months with about 50 or 60 other people with varied mental illnesses. I suffered incredibly in there. Not only did I have to survive my mind turning on itself and trying to destroy me, I also had to survive being locked up with petty criminals, people who were formerly homeless and lived like they were still on the streets while they were hospitalized and a host of other people who quite frankly scared me. I wasn’t in constant danger but it could get a little frightening sometimes.

But I came out of the hospital and a year later I got a job. And while I was working I got a car. I was living in semi-independent living. I went back to school. This was all when I was in my twenties. I’m 55 now and I’m looking back at being employed almost steadily for about 35 years at different jobs. I now need only 3 more classes for my AA degree in college. I felt suicidal in the beginning of my disease and many more times after that. But I’m so happy I’m still alive despite my ongoing symptoms.

There’s millions of us schizophrenic around the world who not only survive, but live productive, relatively normal, relatively full, lives. Some of us start off in our lives badly from the schizophrenia but go on to get married, lots of us work, lots of us go to school etc. I’m only saying this to show you whats possible. All of our lives looked bleak at one point. But we took our medication, we see the psychiatrists, we do the best we can.

Yes, we got dealt bad cards. No one can deny it. But it is what it is. You got dealt the bad cards, you acknowledge it and now concentrate on your recovery by doing whatever it takes. There’s many ways to cope and many ways to survive and even many ways to still do fun things to get away from your problems a little. I am not telling you anything specific. You can read articles online about specific things you can do for relapse prevention, articles on what steps you can take to help yourself. I wernt through hell with my disease but I’ve done a lot of fun stuff over the years.

Recovery is possible but it doesn’t happen overnight and it can get difficult and its not easy. But you do the right things to get help and help yourself and your future may turn out to be pretty good. I know how hard it is to even get out of bed or hard it is to go outside or be in public. I’ve been there countless times. But you or your family or your caregivers have to take action and go after recovery. I don’t want to be mean or insensitive, or rude but recovery often doesn’t come to your front door, you have to go after it. I hope that didn’t come off as mean, I’m just saying recovery takes action.

We’ve all lost stuff because of schizophrenia. But you can’t change the fact you have schizophrenia, so go on despite it. Anyways, I wish you the best, keep coming here and you’ll get tips on how to cope, you’ll get support from understanding people, you will see for yourself how we survived. So good luck @mongolina. It looks hopeless but it really isn’t. Bye.


I’s not worth dying for.
Learn to start a new chapter and just realize it’s not the end of life, it’s just different than you’re used to.
Learn to be flexible and resilient, life can only get better if you stay in it.


It’s a fork in the road, not the end of the road.



ha. must be a new gu-


just kidding.