Schizophrenia cure, or at least a personal cure for me

I can’t write what I would like to do,
because it has to do with religion.
I just want to say I want to do things, and I am prevented from doing them due to schizophrenia.
I ask for a quick cure so I can better fulfill my role in the world.


Don’t waste the time you have left on this planet basing your life on the hope that a cure for schizophrenia is coming. Having some amount of hope is good but it may take years or it may never happen at all. What’s important is improving yourself and your life NOW.


A “cure” is not the answer. I agree with @77nick77. What’s important and most helpful for improving your life is working day to day to function with sz. Waiting for a cure before you decide to try to live your life is a waste of time.


when i stop allowing my mind to war with my heart (my gut), i do better.

we are physical beings but we are spiritual being as well.

i don’t know why we must tolerate this, nor do i know why some are cripled, or sick or such.

i guess we just do all the good we can.

p.s. never underestimate the power of your love, the effect just a smile or kind word can have. :slight_smile:

U are same as me erez looking for the cure… trust me we will get effective treatment soon …!!! May be for negative symptoms…sleep well erez…ur friend forever far cry0…take care…


I have struggled a long time with schizophrenia and I have this idea that all my efforts will somehow help with the disease–like I could discover something. I know it is not likely, but it keeps me trying and hopeful. Sometimes I also hope for a new, better medication. I don’t think that is too far fetched.


Simple solutions/simple conclusions
And Complex things all in the same hand.

cant wait for a cure,
A cure for it is just knocking at the same weight as the disease. Basically is a stale-mate/check-mate.

If your looking for a cure, taking greater strides when it comes to re-adapting/re-establishing yourself, both in psychical, intellectual, mentally, socially, psychologically terms etc
Some elements don’t always fall back in the picture frame, but it’s why we take both the minor and the higher.

You know just small steps at a time in pursuit of recovery.

Basically getting real with the hell of it all,

The answer or cure in my opinion would be simply
getting real with your own defining of success, and taking real steps in recovery
Knowing and coming to terms with both your success and failures in the process, with a real scope of recovery in mind.

Has to be a real pursuit.

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