Prolactin and amisulpride

I have recently been started on amisulpride (my last resort before clozapine) I read that it can make prolactin levels high - this was a problem for me on respiridone does that mean it’ll happen on amisulpride?



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Amisulpride causes huge prolactin levels, even much higher than risperidol does. But Amisulpride is very potent in surpressing positive symptoms, even stronger than zyprxa and risperidol. To lower my prolactin level, I take Bromocriptine 5mg daily. Otherwise I will get sciatic pains from high prolactine level.

Thank you @green5 does it follow that because risperidone gave me high prolactin amisulpride will as well or is it just pot luck?


I can’t understand your word as English is my second language. But I can say Amisulpride alone can cause huge prolactin level no matter how high or how low your prolactin level was before you started taking this medicine.

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Amisulpride can increase prolactin significantly at the beginning of treatment, but they tend to level off a bit with time, I am not sure if it is worse than Risperidone, I suppose it depends on the person’s sensitivity to the drugs and the dose taken.

Hi. This guy says these supplements can counter act amisulpride elevated prolactin. It’s worth a try.

I am too scared to try it because I already have enlarged breasts from last time I tried amisulpride. You can try it and tell me how it goes.

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i only take 200mgs daily so hoping such a low dose wont give me high prolactin levels

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I’ve started on a dose of 400mg - don’t know what a high dose is…


Dose doesn’t matter very much. 50 mg/day and 800 mg/day have similar effects on prolactine levels.

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Amisulpride made my prolactin levels go sky high much more than risperidone. I lost my period and had to come off it after a couple of yrs…now on latuda

Are you sure? I’ll need to ask my doctor :thinking: