Went for follow up with my pdoc

She’s a really nice pdoc and my husband was impressed with her too. She’s friendly and tries to cooperate with me to find right meds dose

Last time they did a blood test to measure my prolactin levels and she gave me results today - 159! I was amazed to hear what the normal level is, and mine.

Anyone else on here with such high prolactin?

As I take 400mg amisulpride, it obviously is a side effect of that which I was unaware of.

I said I don’t mind as I don’t want to be fertile, but she said it can cause brittle bones in older age, so we will be working to change that.

So she asked if I want to try seroquel and I told her I was on it but it didn’t help, but that I wasn’t on it long enough. So if lowering the amisulpride to 300 then 200mg doesn’t help, then we’ll try that.

I asked her again about my borderline and sza and if my psychosis could be explained by borderline and she said no, I do have sza as well. And my history shows it.

If it was just borderline then I wouldn’t need AP’S on long term basis or at higher dose. But each time I stopped it, even gradually, I relapsed

So there you have it! I’m sza and bpd! Which I accept now.


Thanks, I’ll ask her next time

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