Amisulpride - prolactin is 70 ng/ml

I have added amisulpride to my regular clozapine regimine.

Im taking 150mg amisulpride and my prolactin is high - 70 ng/ml (2-17). Unfortunately i cannot reduce or stop amisulpride cuz its working so well for paranoia.

I would like to know what are my options to lower prolactin without worsening psychosis ? I know low dose abilify can help. Are there any other options ?

I got used to high prolactin, its not dangerous or unhealthy.

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Risperdal is the only med that worked for me and it raises prolactin.

Are u a male or female?

I’m male

Vitamin E, and macuna are meant to lower it.

It can reduce ur testrone levels possible shrinking ur penis… mine did but it had nothing to do with prolactin but this can be a big factor… also it causes erectile dysfunction and a huge loss of libido and ur whole quality of life can diminish from low t levels … although my prolactin was normal my t levels were low for my age try vitamin e it can lower it down up to 60% and ashwagandha it can lower prolactin up to 15% and increase t levels to 40% and I’m sure The 15 and 60 overlap… also long term prolactin can cause infertility, decrease your bone Density and other problems

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Hi. I have been on clozapine for 10 years now. Few years ago I added amisulpride to my meds regimine. Using amisulpride felt great but I had to quit because my prolactin leves were to high (I don’t remember exact values but it was few times above limit). I started research and found out that nothing really helps with high prolactin leves. Abilify doesn’t work for amisulpride elevated levels. The only thing I found out was this:

I have never tried this approach but you can try it and give us a feedback.

Best regards and take care.

Yes it is. Long term exposure can lead to osteoporosis

How many days did u took abilify and tested your prolactin again ?

Why do they make a med like amisulpride when People have to stop it? Is it allright in low doses?

I didn’t try it. I read it in a scientific article.

They make it because its a very good antipychotic. It’s good for positive/negative and cognitive symptoms.

I take 200mg amisulpride (and 2,5mg olanzapine) and find its an excellent med. Been taking 200-400mg amisulpride for seven years. Any side effects were very little. Calmed my positive symptoms and hypomania down so well!

I don’t know what my prolactin level is but I’ve heard it decreases fertility and that’s good news for me as I don’t want to ever fall pregnant.

So I’m happy with my meds combo

As for possible osteoporosis - I eat broccoli every day for calcium and fortified soya milk, and try to avoid dairy completely except for a small amount of cheese and chocolate.

I heard dairy consumption increases osteoporosis risk, as the calcium in the bones is leached out as dairy acidic in body. So I drink soya milk instead as this also has calcium but is alkaline in body.

Well same here. I have read you can reduce risperidone induced high prolactin with abilify but you cannot reduce amisulpride induced high prolactin with abilify.

Yeah it is it can cause glucose intolerance which can make the brain fog that schizophrenics have even worse