Prognosis of schizophrenia

For the people with schizophrenia with 5+ years, how has your schizophrenia been compared to the first time being diagnosed. Any improvements in symptoms? Or recovery?

I have had schizophrenia for sixteen years. I got much better after ten years, and haven’t had any positive symptoms at all for the past two. I’m married, have a job, and am in the process of becoming a foster parent. Plenty of us recover and go on to live full, happy lives. It might take longer for some of us than for other people, but that doesn’t mean our lives are less good. It just means we have to walk a different path to our happiness.


@ninjastar are you still on medication? And if so how much?

I still take meds. When I started getting better on a low dose of Geodon the first time around, I made the mistake of thinking I didn’t need them anymore and quit taking them. I crashed hard, and now need twice my original dose to stay stable. But it’s a good med for me. I have very few side effects, especially now that my body is so used to it. I’ve been taking it since 2014.


I was miserable at first and in for a long ride of trouble. I should say ups and downs,trouble doesn’t make it very clear. After 20 years Im one of the happiest people I know, and I don’t know anybody with sz.


Over 25 years. Was initially considered a hopeless case and was unable to care for myself properly. Managed to make it back into the workforce full-time by the five year mark. Now married, have a daughter about to graduate high-school, have had several careers (currently working in commercial insurance), and can pass for normal despite having some positive and negative symptoms. I’m on Geodon and Wellbutrin. I’m med-compliant. I also take advantage of therapy and do CBT whenever i can.

I had some testing done over the past year and some, apparently I function better than most neurotypicals in my particular age group, let alone SZs.

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I think these videos might give you a good idea of where a person with sz can start out from and end up at.
Watch “Schizophrenia doesnt bother me anymore” on YouTube


I have had schizophrenia for 20 years recovered…at first I was on several antipsychotics that I found stole my life from me…risperdal for one ruined me sexually and weight gain wise…I was delusional on abilify and now I have been on generic prolixin (fluphenazine) for almost ten years …losing weight and no sexual side effects…I am happy again after all this time…you can be too…

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The first five years I didn’t think I was sick and was very unstable but managed to work for the most part. Went from job to job and was in and out of hospitals and kept trying to come off of meds. I was a pilot when I got sick so meds was like a death sentence. All I ever wanted to do was fly.

Now I am maxed out on Geodon and take Latuda also along with three other scripts but I am stable. I have insight into my illness and am just over ten years into it. I went back to school and got another degree on that combo of meds and my aircraft mechanics license. I worked for about 8 of the last 12 months and am contemplating going back to work agaiin. My wife thinks I can’t do it but I need so much sleep now it’s hard to work full time. It has to be the right job and I am waiting for it.

You have to learn to accept your limitations but things can get better. I wouldn’t say I am recovered though. I am still quite delusional and have severe negative symptoms but early in the day I can fool most people as being normal.

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I went from having a completely broken brain to being practically recovered. It started when I was 16 and now I am a very young 54.

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I have 6 years since diagnosed with sz. I feel recovered like 99% (just kidding you know the opposite 1% lol) I really am feeling a lot better, i still have some voices but very seldom. I feel somewhat recovered and there is still room for more recovery. I believe it’s getting better in my case

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I believe it’s getting worse for me. I am diagnosed a year ago. I get hebephrenic symptoms which have bad prognosis.
Paranoid schizophrenics have better prognosis

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Yes this is my diagnosis :slight_smile:

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I had sza for 15 years and I’d say the illness was worst in the first three years then I went into remission for several years but then it came back and it’s been a cycle of episodes and stability since. It doesn’t seem to be getting better over the years but my understanding of sza is much better and I’m more aware of it.

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i have sz for 16 yrs…im doing crap for the past 10 yrs, this sz is bloody awful, I dotn know how others manage to keep well

It’s vastly VASTLY better than it was for me growing up. And it is not due to antipsychotics as I have not been on any for any extended period of time and most I went on didn’t work. I’ve had symptoms as long as I can remember since like age 3 and according to my mom I even showed symptoms before I can remember too. I think what helped hugely was when I gained insight at around 17 that I may have a psychotic disorder, because it made everything so much less terrifying to think it was just my brain acting up and I wasn’t actually in danger.

Once I gained insight I started working on developing coping skills (on my own because my parents didn’t allow me to see a therapist at the time) and things just got better and better. In college I learned that sleep had a massive impact on my symptoms and that I could basically completely eliminate them if I slept a ton. Even 8 hrs regularly made them minimal and infrequent and at 11 hours I just didn’t have them. Then I was diagnosed with sleep disorders at 22 and started medication for that and realized I mainly get symptoms while sleepy, and when on the med that keeps me awake, I don’t get symptoms.

So yeah psychosis has gotten waaay easier and milder and most of the time isn’t an issue except for occasional flare ups here and there. Depression & anxiety however have unfortunately gotten worse and worse in severity as I’ve gotten older, however I’ve gotten better at coping with them.

I have been diagnosed sza, bipolar type for like twelve years now, Before that my diagnosis had alternated between bipolar and sz. I would say many things have gotten easier to deal with over the years. I am pretty good at adapting so i kind of roll with the punches. Definitely taking meds and having a good pdoc and support from my family has helped the most.

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