My husband asked me if

I’m ever going to get better. According to everyone around me I’m still delusional. I still see things other people don’t see. Does anyone know if it can get better with time instead of worse?

Some say yes and some say no, I think it is different for everyone. as I aged mine got worse

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I asked a question similar in nature to my doctor recently. He said with right medication (which implies the time and great effort it takes to find right med and dosage) and compliancy to said meds about 1/3 will recover and not need meds, 1/3 will recover and require life long treatment, the last 1/3 see no improvements, sometimes getting worse. That last group though often struggle with medication compliancy, living situations, drugs, and bad support systems.


I am not sure if it’s degenerative illness

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With all the meds I’ve tried I’m probably the middle 1/3 who require lifelong treatment but see improvement hopefully


I am life long too.

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Here is one of best topics i have made

You can read over and over again
Things get better over time

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How long have you been ill now ?

My diagnosis happened 4 years ago, but my first psychosis was in my early 20s. I’m 41 now

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I really hope you and all of us can get better if we take our meds and communicate with our drs

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The answer is yes. I had heard almost from the beginning of my disease that when lots of schizophrenics reach middle age the symptoms improve. I got diagnosed in 1980 when I was 19. The symptoms for the first two years were intense and I was in and out of hospitals, psyche wards, group homes and supported housing for the entire '80’s.

I managed to become employed and go to college so that shows I improved even though I still struggled with symptoms. I was considerd “stable” from 1983-88. It meant medication was doing it’s job and I had no hospitalizations. Then in the late eighties I relapsed, probably due to stress and drug addiction. I eneded up in the psyche ward several more times. Spent 1990-95 in a board & care, but in1995 I moved in with my sister.

Still suffering symptoms. I rented a room and payed my own way. I was expected to do what any tenant would do. I paid my share of bills, did my share of cleaning, cleaned up after myself, cooked for myself etc. Anyways, I lived there for three years and in fact after I eventually moved out of her house I spent the next twenty years living in so called normal society, living independently and taking care of myself.

So just that fact shows I had made a marked improvement from my younger days. In 1980-82 I was in hospitals and group homes and did not function. Starting in 1995 I was independent. But the best part was yet to come. In about 2000 I was renting a room in a woman’s house. I was about 43 years old.
That’s when some of my symptoms really improved. I noticed some long standing delusions had disappeared. Others got better and less bothersome. My remaining symptoms got less intense. And then slowly over the past 20 years I have gained peace of mind, my thoughts stopped racing. I had craved both of these since I first got sick.

And now at age 57 things have slowed way down. I have found peace (when I’m not busy flipping out about the loser upstairs). But I have so many times when nothing is happening and I can just sit there and savor the moments of peace. So this is my story: from hospitalizations in my twenties to hard earned peace of mind in my fifties. And I expect things to get even better.


Wow. Your story is very inspirational @77nick77

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Mine got much better as I hit age 55. But that’s when my pdoc hit on the right meds for me. I’ve most always have been med compliant. I’m recovered but I need a full swathe of meds long term.

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