Schizophrenia recovery after 10 years?

“How Long Does Schizophrenia Last? Ten years after diagnosis: 50% of people with schizophrenia are either recovered or improved to the point that they can work and live on their own.”

Is this true?

I think there’s a lot where the diagnosis may be different from the average punter here for example. A large percentage ( I think it’s like 20% or so ) recover from 1st episode psychosis. I’d imaigne some of those would get the diagnosis sz but as you see here diagnosis and symptoms often change over time.

All’s I’m saying is that the statement maybe accurate but the diagnostical criteria may be different to what you are expecting. Ie…multiple episodic people are more likely to be on meds and it would also be defined by what is recovery in this context.

Ok I understand. Thanks for the reply!

I’m on the bottom 50%. I think I got Asperger’s too but it never affected me until schizophrenia hit me 10 years ago.

Are you on any medication?

IDK. A lot of people on here have had schizophrenia for more than ten years. Are 50% of them recovered and working and living on their own? I think the “1/3 and 1/3 and 1/3” model might be a little dated but a recovery rate of 50% seems awful high. But if I use myself as an example, when I was 19, 20 and 21 I was in group homes or hospitalized and not functioning that good. Now I function where I’m able to work and live pretty independently. So if people were hospitalized when they first got sick like me, and now they stay out of the hospital and live fairly independently, that is a pretty good recovery.


I disagree…schizophrenics may be stable but not functioning very well…doesn’t mean they are recovered. I’m not for example.