Problem with Folks here

Have been in this forum for quite some time now.

I do like the people here and many of them (I hope) can become my friends in future.

But the issue I find here is that people are reluctant to discuss solutions other than Medications. I am not trying to be Anti-Psychiatry or Anti-med here but even options to discuss other things are banned which I find it to be quite defeatist.

Why not try to be more victorious for a change?. If someone if able to RECOVER from their illness WITHOUT Meds wouldn’t that be an awesome thing? (i Mean imagine — the positives: No Meds - No side effects)

Cons: Shut down the Psch industry.

halt! we all want to be med-free but yet all we talk about are meds. strength in numbers, that is what is about there. if you have another idea how we can become medless, I’m all ears.

I believe the question here has to be that you openly are anti-med, and you had the approach to tell others you had the solution for them but they had to give up meds.

The other folks here who don’t take meds don’t have the same approach, they are not anti-med completly just because meds didn’t work for them, and those people are not banned, they speak openly about it.

Meds worked for you, and I think most of us here agree you should be on them.


We have a lot of talk from people who have been successful on other therapies - particularly CBT and mindfulness therapies and similar. We have a lot of tak about cognitive training apps and the like.

I think the problem you’re finding is that you’re taking an anti-med approach and attempting to tell people that meditation has solved your problems when you have no grasp on your issues and are quite ill. This is delusional, and misleading to readers who aren’t familiar with your history. It can interfere with their recovery.

Perhaps if there was any evidence that you’re having any success with these techniques, the reception would be different. But they don’t seem to be helping you.


I think I can tell the same - all of you are Pro-Med.

I am not ANTI or PRO anything. I DO KNOW(on personal experience) that Meds cause immense amount of Side Effects. That does not make me ANTI-MED in anyway.


Walking around with Impotency, Diabetes and Bloated stomach (NOTE: All of them are irreversable) is NOT SOMETHING everyone would be happy with.

Not to forget the loss of Feelings/Emotions/Cognition THAT A LOT of them who HAVE EXPERIENCED while on Meds.

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Why don’t you take your own advice? Obviously you have a mid to serious mental illness. Do you think not?

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What is the definition of SERIOUS MENTAL ILLNESS(or MID)?.

No I dont think so.


  1. I can think straight through and come up with new and innovative ideas.
  2. I can do just about anything and MORE than any ordinary person(considered sane) can do.

YES I do have recurrent delusion but does this classify me as Mid to Severely mentally ill?.

Some characteristics of a serious mental illness: one that disturbs you more days than not, damages your relationships with friends and family, interferes with your livelihood, damages your ability to perform necessary tasks, gets in the way of properly perceiving reality.

Considering that you are here several times a week posting about delusions of persecution, your marriage has failed and you have cut off relations with your family, you report a regular 50% loss in functioning on the job, you reported being unable to effectively testify for your court case, and despite all this you believe you are doing well, I would say you cleared the criteria with flying colors.


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  1. My marriage has failed NOT BECAUSE of my mental illness. FYI, My marriage has failed cause of cheating and adultry and greed of my ex-wife. I did not have mental illness during the stay of my wife with me.

So before you KNOW THE WHOLE STORY - Dont jump into this.

  1. My relationship with my family is PRETTY STRONG. I CHOOSE to live away from my parents NOT BECAUSE i am mentally ill but I like to be Independent and there are other reasons (which I dont want to tell you).

  2. Reported unable to testify for court case ?(NEVER HAPPENED)

  3. Loss of function in Job ? (Yes there is a 30% decline but I eventually recover the task assigned).

ANYWAY : Considering u are so quick to diagnose,I think you should become a FULL TIME PSCHAITRIST. You would MAKE A LOT OF MONEY.

no one is attacking you dude. just know we talk about meds b/c it is the only current option. no meds equals hospitals, jails, you can forget about working, or marrying. think it through.

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I feel there is no purpose for me to post anything anymore.

This is my last post here for good.


I feel there is no purpose for me to post anything anymore.

This is my last post here for good.

Take care folks and be happy (EVEN WITH MEDS).

Rhubot just pointed out facts of things you said here. I also read the same things and agree you are not fully capable at the moment.

Look, we all have personal problems that don’t relate directly to the illness, but most of what you generally describe has to do with your illness. It would make your life much more simpler if you aknowledged your illness and the problems it causes you. Again, you should seek help before your psychosis gets worse and worse and you have nothing more to lose. It would be a shame, you’re fairly intelligent I believe you can overcome the issues meds gave you.

I’m one of those who believe the side effects of meds aren’t as bad as the illness untreated, but we’re all different.


All we have to go on is what you tell us. Your explanation here is very different from all the comments you have made over the last several months. We’re worried about you and worried about your family. If people didn’t care, they wouldn’t take the time to respond. A lot of us have been where you are now, including lashing out at people trying to get through to you. You are not well. We want you to get better.


Just the thing about: Marriage has failed due to my illness.

I CHOOSE not to discuss about my marriage. BUT you were too quick to conclude that it was my mental illness. ANYWAY, It is so easy to jump into conclusions.

The point is : I am talking to a WALL. So let it be.

  1. Has ur illness been cured (due to MEDS)? YES/NO.- Assuming you have SZ?.

  2. Have you started a NEW RELATIONSHIP (serious one) AFTER STARTING MEDS and are successfully keeping that ?.YES/NO ?

I have the same questions for you… has your illness been cured or treated without meds? Are you capable of starting a new relationship?