Idk why so many people want to

quit taking their meds. I get those terrible side effects too but I won’t go off the meds because I can’t tolerate my psychotic and suicidal self.


Yea this forum stopped being pro med apparently, idk.

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I figured everyone’s chemistry and reactions are different. Took me 5+ years to find the right med combo that works.


I think if you spend enough time here you’ll see that those who have symptoms rarely get off the meds. Sure some do and we cater for those folk too as it’s a pretty liberal community who include most realms of psychosis. We are still pro meds and constantly reinforce that on the boards. Everyones journey is different and I too am someone who can’t do without them.

…And there’s side effects vs symptoms. They can be deal breakers for some.


We’re definitely pro med, but also for getting off meds- IF pdoc approved and monitored with the condition of going back on meds if any symptoms show up.

I think we should specify that we aren’t exactly med-free in some cases, just AP free. I still take an AD.


I tried going on a low dose of Abilify the summer of 2020, but my symptoms came back. My pdoc and I didn’t get the dosage worked out until December. I’m doing fine now though.


I don’t want to go off meds but if the risk to my health is too great at some point then that’s what I will do.

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