Prejudice and pdocs

A few years ago, I went to see a pdoc for a second opinion. He was a mood and psychotic disorder specialist. He reviewed my case and said there was no way I have schizophrenia because i was holding down a job. He said if i had schizophrenia I would not have turned up at his office unaccompanied. So he said i had schizoaffective. But anyway, this sounded a little stereotypical to me since i ended up with a paranoid schizophrenic diagnosis in the end and can still hold down a job.

I’ve read about many of you who have held down a job with a diagnosis of schiz or are in college. What a waste of money that trip to the pdoc was. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t dodgy though because i used to work in a mental health ward and I found his contact information from there.

When I was diagnosed 13 years ago I was told I had schizophrenia and I remember thinking, Oh my god. Not long after he diagnosed me with schizoaffective instead and he made it sound so much better. Little did I know, anyway a few other psychiatrists have said schizoaffective also but for the last five years I have been too mentally I’ll at times to even get to work, let alone hold down a job. You are doing so great!

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My diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenia. I have worked for 30 years with it. And I go lots of places by myself. I amazes me that an educated person like that particular doctor could say something so stupid.


This does not surprise me. Many doctors, not only therapists but yes pdocs have a stereotyped view on SZ. I have SZA but still get boxed into a stereotype by doctors. Not by my current psychiatrist but a bit by my therapist

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I do have a laugh when I think about some of the conversations I’ve had with some docs.

I had one who couldn’t argue my diagnosis because it was his higher up who assessed me. But when I said I had a job he said, “You can’t”

But I do. He seemed floored.

Considering we all had a life going on before our diagnosis, and carried on with no help and no knowledge of what was happening to ourselves, why are people so amazed we cary on after that label gets stuck on our file?

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The medicaid clinic is bad for that. Always get

“Could be worse. It’s not like you deal with Bipolar”. :astonished:

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