Dismissed by psychiatrist

Hello everyone,

I wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience as me. A psychiatrist said I was too high functioning to be schizophrenia/ schizoaffective and thought it was bs that I had it. A few weeks later I entered a partial hospitization program and they said I was schizoaffective.


Welcome to the forum. No I never went through that. :hatched_chick::hatched_chick::hatched_chick:

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First off, welcome to the forum.

To answer your question, yes. I was told I was too “normal” to be anything but depressed. My current pdoc scoffed at that and said that schizoaffective and schizophrenia came on a spectrum.

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Many hospitals like to diagnose patients with schizoaffective.

This was the diagnosis they gave me five years ago.

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My experience is that psychiatrist make shallow decisions with not enough information. That’s been my experience anyway. They simply don’t have time to investigate so they brush you off with an easy explanation


Welcome! And yes, my first pdoc said I had bipolar and was “wasn’t disorganized enough” to have schizophrenia. Meanwhile, my therapist thought I had schizophrenia because of some of my thoughts and behaviors. Got a whole new pdoc and was diagnosed schizoaffective.

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I was dismissed by a neurologist who said my hallucinations and paranoia were due to OCD, because I’m too normal to have schizoaffective. But he said that in the first minute of seeing him for the first time. I’ve been diagnosed as schizoaffective by many other people though. I never went back to the neurologist because I don’t see how delusions and hallucinations (everyone is telling me I’m delusional and hallucinating) equal obsessive compulsive disorder


By the way, welcome to the forum!!!

Welcome to the forums. My first psychiatrist diagnosed me as a high functioning paranoid schizophrenic. My current psychiatrist said maybe psychosis or schizoaffective, one doctor said psychotic depression. I’ve learned psychiatry is not an exact science and your diagnosis can change when you talk to different doctors, what I care about more than the term they use to diagnose me with is if the medication alleviates my problems, and it does. The majority opinion has been schizophrenia so I just go with that.

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I was told i was schizophrenic just because i hallucinated alot i though it was bs too but i believed it at times then i was told i was schizoaffective now i have been told its neither i agree with this.


I was misdiagnosed with depression when I was 15. Then it was changed to schizophrenia at 16. It stayed as schizophrenia until I was 18 and it was then changed to schizoaffective bipolar type and that’s where it has been since

I was misdiagnosed Bipolar and then it was changed to schizoaffective. This was after years of psychosis. They considered me too high functioning too but tbh I just tend to work through my problems.

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First off welcome!

Second off no I haven’t… I’ve always been pretty bad when it came to all of this every pdoc has told me I have schizophrenia my new therapist says it sounds more like schizoaffective and I’ve had the same or close to the same if not a disorder added in but schizophrenia of one type or another has always been there

I’ve never had my psychosis dismissed because it has always been pretty off my head sort of psychosis when they met me.

As in I was brought by an ambulance from a park in the early hours of the morning. Sort of thing.

But I don’t know how seriously they take my anxiety because I’m very OK at hiding it sometimes.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

Yes I had a Pdoc tell me I did not need meds and it was a one time thing, 6 months later I was in hospital

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First of all, welcome to the forum! Psychiatry is an imprecise science. There is nothing that says a pdoc can’t be wrong.


welcome to the forum @Ancientaliensfan =)

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I have never been dismissed by any psychiatrist. That said, my very first diagnosis was schizophrenia. That’s what the pdoc told me. But what he reported to my commanding officer was mild depression. For which I was grateful.

My second diagnosis was major depression, recurrent and severe. I held that diagnosis for one year. Then, it was changed to bipolar. That held for two years. Then my diagnosis changed to sza, bipolar type. That has been holding for 27 years now.

On one hand, seeing one psychiatrist is a good thing, because too many diagnoses is not a good thing.

It also sucks to repeat your story, over and over again.

Schizophrenia is some times a life long issue, so finding a pdoc you can work with over time, is probably the best solution.

I was diagnosed with Psychosis NOS multiple times but the current pdoc and the one before that, say schizoaffective.

I know that I hear voices but I don’t know why.

Whatever I can do to treat the issue, regardless of the pdoc’s diagnosis.

Yes. It confused me and gave me false hope. I was told I had schizoaffective and than added the adhd label. I took vyvnase for a few years. It helped me in college, I could function and drive. I was a size ten. I was active. I took myself off it thinking I didn’t want to be on a stimulant and instead I got worse. Vvyanse prob helped I was on prob 20mgs a day a mild low dose but it made a world of difference that way and I never abused it. Its when u take something in the extremes that its worthless…so I might benefit from it but idk I have to avoid false standards. I wasn’t so chaotic…being able to read a book or focus and not forget all the time…

but then they tried DBT on me and said I might have autism and all this stuff- got kicked out for missing an appointment on my birthday and for one during a blizzard and so they were rude at the private practice. So I do the public practice instead and they are nicer there.