Pregablin PRN

I have literally tried everything to treat my severe anxiety.

I am focusing on pregablin for now. I took 150mg daily but it stopped working after a couple of months.

I note that the anxiety stops after starting a new drug but then my body develops a tolerance to it and back comes the anxiety/panic attacks. This happens with anti depressants too.

I am just trying to gauge the thinking for everyone about whether taking it PRN would work so your body does not become tolerant to it or for that matter whether taking an antipsychotic PRN may have a similar effect?

Thanks in advance.

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150mg didn’t work for me. I take 300mg a day

Max dose is 600mg.

Might be worth trying an increase - it worked for me for the most part

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Thanks for your reply.

I did try 300mg but same thing happened - it worked for a week or two then became

tolerant to it.

My doc has me on Pregabalin for standard treatment. 5mg Diazepam in the morning and 5mg at lunchtime - with an additional 20mg split doses PRN

Anxiety is an absolute ■■■■■

I have been having severe panic attacks the last few weeks, not sure if it’s anxiety but it’s a horrible paranoia, stress and anxious state

Tolerance is annoying. I hope you can find a combo that works.

I know the feeling well. There is a fear of dread mixed in with paranoid thoughts that people are watching me. It can last hours so I draw the curtains and turn the lights out so there is no sensory overload and lay down on my bed