Olanzapine PRN

I am against Olanzapine as previously I put on 35 kilos and was a zombie.

I was given it as PRN 5mg twice a day and it has worked really well to calm me down as I was getting very agitated and anxious.

Seems to be working wonders. I am trying to get some more before I see my doc on the 22nd.

I didn’t realise it was so fast acting.


Olanzapine was the best med i ever took in combating anxiety !!!


Yeah if it wasn’t for the major weight gain I’d still be on it.

I’m glad it’s working so well for you!!

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I have found it to be a sledgehammer to my anxiety. Seems to be working ok. I was a bit sedated at work but got through the day.

I have Wednesday off this week, so nice break in between


I guess that’s why they call our meds “tranquillizers”.

I use Perphenazine as a PRN, and in the past I used Thorazine as a PRN.

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that’s great you’re getting such effective relief @Joker.

I started on Olanzapine but after rapid weight gain changed to Lurasidone. Lurasidone is ineffective at treating my positive symptoms so I’ve been suffering & struggling a lot on it. It was supposed to be less harmful with metabolic side effects but it has caused my cholesterol to elevate for the first time in my life. So it’s not worth it. I’m seeing my GP today and will ask to go back on Olanzapine. I will just have to be really careful to limit how much I eat each day.


Thanks. It has taken weeks to get something sorted out.

I hope the change back works for you.

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I’m glad you caught a break @Joker

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